YouTube Sign Up

YouTube Sign Up: YouTube allows its users to search and browse thousands of communities, watching videos, commenting, valuing and responding to your favorites, without talking about sending and sharing videos with millions of other users.

Create account YouTube

See how to create a YouTube account to follow to be able to do this, save your favorite videos and much more.

YouTube Sign Up
YouTube Sign Up

Enter the YouTube website to get started. Before registering, keep in mind some points:

  • When creating an account on YouTube, you will also have a Gmail. The address will be [User Name on YouTube] @
  • A Google+ account will also be created when you sign up on YouTube. Google+ is the social network of Google, similar to Facebook. It will be possible to adjust the settings in the Google+ tab at the top of the browser to log in to YouTube or Gmail. If you do not want a Google+ account, you can delete it while the YouTube account is maintained.
  • What you do on YouTube is different than on “brother” sites on Google. If you do something on YouTube, that action will not be visible on Google+, for example.

Click on the “login” button in the upper right corner of the home page.

Click on “Create an account” in the upper right corner of the screen.

If you already have a Gmail account, you must have a YouTube account. Enter the username and password of the email to log in to the website.

Complete the requested information. Insert e-mail, username, date of birth, gender and click “I accept”.

Provide a phone number to verify that you are not a robot, in case it is requested. To prevent false accounts or bots (bots) from being created, Google can sometimes request verification that you are a human being.

Enter the verification code if necessary

Decorate your YouTube page. On your profile page, it is possible to add a home page and your own background image, among other things. Try to express yourself.

Start enjoying the advantages of being registered. By having an account on YouTube, you can:

  • Create and send videos to the YouTube community.
  • Follow your favorite users to subscribe to their channels.
  • Manage favorite songs, videos and online episodes.
  • Comment on the videos and socialize with the other members of the community.
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