How to manage your Yahoo in Gmail

Yahoo in Gmail: For those who prefer Gmail, I’ll explain how to use your Gmail account to manage your Yahoo! and other webmails that support redirection, so you do not have to enter every day in several webmails to read emails.

How to manage your Yahoo in Gmail
How to manage your Yahoo in Gmail

Step by step to manage your Yahoo! in Gmail:

  • Enter your Yahoo! email (
  • Click on options, then on POP Access and Redirect.
  • Select Redirect, enter your Gmail e-mail and click Save.
  • Export contacts from Yahoo! for Gmail
  • Click on Address Book, then on Import / Export
  • In the Export option, at the bottom of the page, in Yahoo! CSV, click on the Export button with commas.
  • Save the exported file in some directory on your computer.
  • Enter Gmail (
  • Click on Contacts, then on Import. Select the exported yahoo file, and then click import. Once this is done, all your yahoo contacts will become part of the Gmail contacts.
  • The creation of the Yahoo account in Gmail

Let’s go to the most interesting part:

  • Within Gmail, click on Settings, then Accounts.
  • Click on add another e-mail address
  • Fill in your name as you wish it to appear, and then fill in your Yahoo!
  • Click on next, then send the check.

Go to the Gmail inbox and check if a message has arrived confirming your e-mail address. It has been received, you are ready to manage your Yahoo! through Gmail, since all new messages send <surname (a) yahoo br> are automatically sent to Gmail.

Advantages: From now on, you only have to access Gmail to check your Yahoo e-mails and any other that supports webmail redirection, proceeding in the same way as was done with yahoo. If you have e-mail from your own domain with low storage capacity, you can create a redirection of your Gmail account, add this account in Gmail and manage everything in a transparent way, counting on the security and accessibility resources of Gmail .

Disadvantages: The messages you have received so far have not been exported, so if you need to consult some old information, you must log in to your account on the Yahoo! or the email in question.

Remember: to manage your account from another email in Gmail, it is necessary that the e-mail service allows redirecting mail to another e-mail address. In the case of Yahoo, this is allowed, so enjoy while this service is available.

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