Twitter Night Mode

Twitter night mode: After being added to the Twitter app for IOS and Android; The Twitter night mode, is now present in the web version of the social network; That is, the function is available for users who access Twitter through a computer’s browser.

This feature allows the user to have a better experience navigating on Twitter in places with low light or at night; reducing the brightness of the page and changing the clear parts for dark colors.

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If you are a regular Twitter user and did not know this novelty; This is the time to learn how to enable this feature and to have the most comfort in your night experience through Twitter, without tiring your eyesight.

Twitter Night Mode

In this tutorial, let’s show step by step how to activate the night mode on Twitter Web version for PC.

Step 1: Access your Twitter account in the browser ( and log in with your data. To the right of the top, click the user icon or your photo and select the Twitter night mode option.

Step 2-After a few seconds, the page recharges bringing a new dark background color, decreasing the brightness and clear colors of the page. Therefore, the night mode has been enabled in your Twitter account the desktop Web version.

  1. How to turn off Twitter night mode?

To turn off night mode in your Twitter account, repeat the same steps that are used to activate. Right-click on the user icon or on your photo and select the night mode option, to turn off the night function and the return to standard color page.

  1. Night mode on Twitter web of the mobile version

It is important to say that this functionality is available only on Twitter the desktop Web version. If you are using the Web version of the social network through a mobile device, you will not have access to this function. We recommend you to use the Twitter application for Android or IOS, which has the resource.

  1. Bonus-night/Dark mode in the Twitter application for Windows 10

Twitter Modern application for Windows

Twitter also has a modern application (UWP) for Windows 10, which is available on the Windows Store for PC and some other devices. The App has the dark theme and can be an alternative to the web version. If you already used the application but did not know the function, or even knew the existence of the application, see how to set the dark theme.

Step 1-If you do not have the Twitter app installed on your computer with Windows 10, access the Windows Store, download and install the application. If you prefer, click directly here to access the store, download and install. If you already have the app, skip step 1 and proceed with the following instructions.

  1. Do not log in to your Twitter account

To change the topic without logging in to a Twitter account, open the application; click the top right in the gear wheel icon. In the Setup, Topic section, mark the Dark option and click the Save button at the bottom.

Set the dark theme in the Twitter application for Windows 10

The application will inform you through; a notification that it will be necessary to close the application so that the changes made are applied; click on the Yes button. The application will close immediately and to see the theme change, open the application again.

  1. Being logged into your Twitter account

Step 1-For the user who logged into your Twitter account through the Windows 10 application; you need to follow a different procedure to change the subject. Open the application and left, click the Account option.

Step 2-On your profile page, right-click the Settings button.

Step 3-In the settings, select the Customization option from the menu on the left. Now, in the topic section, select the Dark option and click the Save button at the bottom.

Step 4-A notification will inform you that to activate the dark theme you need to close the application; confirm by clicking the Yes button. After the application is closed, open again and keep in mind that the background color has changed.

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