How to Create new Twitter account

Create New Twitter account
Create New Twitter account

Create new Twitter account. Also known as the instantaneous social network, it is about Twitter, where all its users write texts that do not exceed 160 characters to express their ideas, or anything that comes to mind. Twitter is a very popular network, because there are many famous people who join, to use it you need to create a new Twitter account, and this procedure is quite easy.

It is important to know that the account created can be used both on the mobile device with the Twitter App, as well as in the computer version.

Learn how to create a new Twitter account

Twitter offers us the option to “follow” other people to view all the tweets they publish at any time. Twitter stands out for always showing at the moment, the most recent just published by the people you follow.

First of all, you need to open a browser, then in the address bar type:, and wait to be taken to the main site.

Sign up Twitter account
Sign up Twitter account

The classic box for “login Twitter” appears, but as we do not have an account we must see below.
Out there “Are you new to Twitter?” Sign up.

Enter your full name in the first field, then in the second, you are asked to enter the username you want, then choose a secure password for your account and finally press the blue button to finish creating a new Twitter account , said button says “Sign up on Twitter”.

Now you can proceed to log in Twitter, it is very easy and fast, and search for the people you want, confirm by pressing the button that says “Follow”.

Twitter Account, how to create
Twitter Account, how to create

Twitter is a different network than any other, and the good thing is that we can always be aware of it from our mobile, it’s a good idea to create a new Twitter account.

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Twitter sign up account

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