Delete POF account

Delete POF account: Probably, you have already taken part and used online dating applications; In the end, curiosity is great and you are always getting to know new people, that if it were not for social networks you would probably never know.

Nevertheless; Time passes and it ceases to make sense to continue feeding those social networks, mainly because he met someone in real life; or simply because the surprise factor and the novelty was disappearing.

It is in these moments that we think that it does not make sense to continue having our data; some of them of a personal nature available to everyone, and it’s time to end this.

In this article of Como we will teach how to delete an account in the POF, the social network of PlentyofFish.

delete pof account
delete pof account

Delete POF account

To eliminate the POF account is very easy; just go on the page to delete the account. If you have not already started the session, the page will ask you to enter your username and password to log in and to proceed to the exclusion of your account from the PlentyofFish database. If you have any questions you can always press the POF Help Center button.

How to delete an account in the POF – Excluding the account

Finishing the account exit

As a security measure, when you click to delete the POF account and the start of the session, a warning message will appear that in case you continue with your action it will be irreversible, if you later regret it, it is impossible to recover the account .

In addition, the POF will ask you what is your reason for deleting the account from your database; such as the number of meetings you have had thanks to the POF; and if you were ever going to recommend to other people the use of this social network.

So pressing the button that says “Delete account” will be officially deleted and a message will appear to confirm this.

Delete POF account
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