PayPal account login

PayPal account login: First of all, we must remember the steps to create a PayPal account, it is simple and then, we will talk about how to log in to PayPal.

How to Create a PayPal 2018 Account Easily, Creating a PayPal account login is very simple, however what you see on the internet is people teaching in any way, without knowing anything, and this many times, they do not do it well to create a PayPal account login.

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When I created my account; I had many difficulties, the big problem we found when opening a PayPal account is the issue of the Credit Card that brings a lot of headache to many people.

PayPal Account Login
PayPal Account Login

But in this tutorial here we will learn how to create a PayPal account without a credit card. So here we go:

How PayPal works

PayPal is the largest online payment processor in the world, accepted in the main countries. PayPal works as an “Online Bank”, that is, with the money in our account, we can make purchases in several types of sites, national or international that accept PayPal.

In addition to being able to receive payments in Dollar, Euros, Pounds and other currencies, we can also receive these payments directly in our Bank Account.

Is creating a PayPal account secure?

Undoubtedly, the largest means of payment in the world online, is not safe, what would it be? so. You can create your account, without any fear, I have the account for years and I did not have any kind of problem, until today.

For you to see how PayPal is safe, they offer a protection program against your online purchases.

That’s right, if you bought something, it came with a defect, and in case you can not solve it with PayPal’s purchase website, it enters the scene. Reaching even to return the total amount of your purchase, in case the seller has acted in bad faith with you.

Create PayPal account

To create a PayPal account, we will enter the PayPal website first:

Go to PayPal

PayPal Registration

Now follow the step by step below to create your account:

  1. PayPal Account Login: After logging into PayPal, click Create a free account:
  2. Create PayPal Account: After clicking on “Create a free account”: Click on “Create a shopping account” and continue with the next step.
  3. Create PayPal Account: Now we start the registration of your account, fill in the following fields with your data:

Fill in the data:

  • Email
  • Create a password
  • Repeat password
  • Complete the Captcha

After filling all the fields click on NEXT.

  1. (Important): This is the most important step of creating your PayPal account, fill in your true data, such as name, social security number and address.

PayPal is one of the most serious companies in the world, so do not be afraid to put your data.

We all have to work on the internet and we want to receive our money.

At some point we will need a PayPal account.

Any questions leave a comment, so let’s complete the fields below:

After filling out all the data, check the blue box above and click on CONTINUE.

  1. (Most Important, Pay Attention)

Here is the part as important as Step 4, PAY A LOT ATTENTION NOW.

When you click on Continue and you will open a “Last part of the Registry” that is to add the CREDIT CARD.

The Great Trick of PayPal

It is in that part that many people HORROR because not everyone has a Credit Card.

Only many people do not realize is that the ACCOUNT IS ALREADY CREATED. Close this Window and enter PayPal again and try to log in with your Email and the password you created; it’s going to be fine.

PayPal account login

  1. Log in to PayPal: Testing to see if I enter, I started my PayPal session:
  2. Made Account: After clicking on login, we go to the PayPal panel:

All right! Your account is ready for use; Remember to complete your profile to get the most out of the account.

With dozens of application to make money in PayPal; and many websites that have how to earn money in PayPal; It’s a great opportunity to activate your new account.

Summary of PayPal account

PayPal is the main means of payment that we have in the world, I use it and I never had any kind of problem.

Create PayPal account is essential for those who want to have an online business, pay in dollars or receive in dollars.

I hope you have managed to create your account and that you enjoyed our article. In case you liked this article, share it or cut it shortly, recommend our article that is going to help too much to our website to grow.

If you have any questions leave your comment below.

PayPal account login
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