How to create PayPal account

Create Paypal account: PayPal is a company born in the United States in 1988, which provides the online payment service. The company became popular due to the growth of websites that sold products online and needed a secure system to carry out these transactions.

In many countries, PayPal offers other services in addition to online payments – however, in USA, it only acts as a payment service for the purchase of products or services, as determined by the Central Bank.

Create Paypal account
Create Paypal account

Create PayPal account to receive the money is it possible?

In USA, the Paypal only provides the online payment service for the purchase of products or services. However, it is possible to create PayPal account to receive money from abroad; if this transfer is a payment between individuals.

The sender of the money is not necessary to have a Create Paypal account; so, you can create the transfer request: just have a valid email address so you can make a request for payment.

You can observe the costs associated with this type of transaction. As an example; see below how much it costs to send 1000 United States dollars to USA through PayPal. In comparison, you can see the price of how much the personal transfer service of the for USA costs through the TransferWise.

How to create PayPal account to receive the money

You need to have access to the PayPal website and choose the option to create a sales account; since this is the option to receive payments for products or services.

After entering the required information, click on Accept and create account. “You will have to confirm your e-mail account before using the platform. At the end, you will be directed to a page where you will again be asked if you want “Buy” or “Receive Payments

Select the second option, and your account will be activated To release the reception in other currencies, access the configuration page, select “reception preferences”, and enable the option to receive foreign currency.

How PayPal works in other countries to receive the money

As mentioned above, PayPal is not a company for the transfer of money and payments. It is not possible to make a transfer between accounts of the same ownership – that is; you can not send money from abroad for yourself.

However, if you wish to receive payment from someone who is abroad, you can request a third-party payment. You will have to provide the sender’s e-mail and inform what the value is and in what currency this payment will be made.

Receiving payment PayPal account

Upon receiving the payment notification, the issuer will have to create PayPal account to access the payment options available for that country. It is good to remember that PayPal does not recommend the use of the platform for the transfer of personal payments.

In case the sender of the one that already has a Create Paypal account┬áregistered in the country of origin – for example; a Canadian or American account – he can click on the Send Money option and communicate to the beneficiary’s e-mail.

As the destination account is USAian, the information “Paying for an item or a service” will be added below the simulation of sending the money.

PayPal rate to receive the money in other countries

PayPal charges a 5.4% rate for international payment receipts, plus a fixed fee depending on the currency of the transaction. In the simulation presented in the table, the fixed rate is $ 0.30 USD, for the currency of delivery, if it is the US dollar.

These costs will be paid by the seller, that is, by who will receive the payment in other countries. As it is an international transfer, the cost of the IOF (federal tax) is also applied, however, it is not included in the PayPal costs and will be charged directly by the issuing bank of the person making the payment. In total, the following costs should be taken into account:

  • 5.4% rate at the time of reception
  • Fixed rate
  • IOF at the time of shipment

Rate of 1.8% + $3.15, to convert into real or to transfer the Paypal money to the bank account in reais

International transfer with Paypal, how to withdraw the money received?

When you receive the money in your Create Paypal account; you will be asked if you want to receive the value in the original currency of delivery or in Reales. If you opt for the conversion, the commercial exchange operated daily is used; plus a rate of 4.5% of the value received for this conversion.

You do not necessarily need to make this conversion at the time you receive the money – however; when you decide to transfer the money to your bank account in reais, this fee will apply.

To transfer the money to your account, it is necessary that the bank account indicated is the same as the ownership of the PayPal account

If you are a new PayPal user, in the first six months, you can withdraw only $ 1,000.00 monthly to your bank account. To increase this limit, you can request PayPal at any time to increase the limit to enter your bank details and verification information. The deadline to receive your account balance is 1 to 5 business days. Also, if you received money in several different currencies, you will have to request the withdrawal for each available balance.

TransferWise: a quick and simple method of sending and receiving international transfers

Send and receive money from abroad has never been so simple as in today’s days. TransferWise brings agility to international transfers, in addition to charging a low rate for the service. In USA, the TransferWise can only make personal transfers.

How does it work:

Create your free account on the website or by the TransferWise mobile app

Start (or simulate) your transfer, and see exactly what is the rate applied for this transaction

Send the money by selecting the payment method among the various methods available; (may vary depending on the country of origin of the money)

The conversion of the money will be done with the commercial change; without any additional fee – value of the change of the Yahoo Finance or XE

After the conversion, the money is sent to the beneficiary as a local transfer

You can use the TransferWise to send money to your own bank account in another country; or to the account of a friend or relative. We remind you that the TransferWise only makes personal transfers.

Paypal Support

In case you have any problem sending or receiving a payment with PayPal; or if you have questions, please contact us through the following means:


For connections within USA: 0800 047 4482

If you are abroad: +1 402 935 2117

By email

To send an email it is necessary to access the Messaging Central on the Paypal website; and log in to your account.

How to create PayPal account
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