Why is Outlook still an indispensable tool?

Outlook Tool: Outlook is the web-based email service of Microsoft, formerly known as Hotmail; then as MSN Hotmail, then Windows Live Hotmail and finally as Outlook.com also works as a personal agenda; which is to communicate With thousands of people around the world through electronic messages.

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Its domain is http://www.outlook.com is the type of Web mail, requires registration (Microsoft account) and is available in Thirty-six (36) languages, is commercial.

Outlook Tool
Outlook Tool

Its launch occurred in July 1996. During a transition period between July 31, 2012 and February 18; 2013, the addresses @ outlook.com are offered to all users; and those who already had Hotmail accounts were able to update voluntarily to the Outlook.com interface.

There is also Microsoft without that means that they come to lose the previous e-mails; or lose the new ones that send them Hotmail offered storage space with patented security.

In May 2013 it is announced that within six weeks was made the migration of more than 300 million users who used Hotmail; these joined the new Outlook and totaled the figure of 400 million; of which more than 125 million are mobile users.

Is Outlook still an indispensable tool?

Is Outlook still an indispensable tool?
Is Outlook still an indispensable tool?

Email is no longer used only as something for communication; has to do with including the productivity of organizations. Outlook became a solution that revolutionized the market due to the addition of interesting features.

Outlook tool has added some features of Hotmail, but adds more features that make it look like an updated; and very simple solution. Some of its features that give it great advantages are the following:

  • Register and create a new account, it is very easy; just add a small amount of data and you are ready.
  • It is included in the Power Point Suite, Microsoft Office, together with Microsoft Word and Excel.
  • It has an integrated search function that allows you to quickly find what you are looking for; this search can be done using keywords to find dates; contacts and emails and you can search for n contacts and also in your Inbox.

Outlook Tool indispensable

  • Provides virtually unlimited file and document storage space.
  • It gives a lot of clarity when it comes to administering messages.
  • You can use it on any type of device.
  • In the mailbox has Skype, which is an instant messaging and communication system for videoconferencing extremely easy to use; the user will have all their contacts automatically synchronized between both accounts.
  • You can customize the color and user interface.
  • Allows you to synchronize email directly in the calendar or contact list.
  • It integrates a calendar and meeting Agenda Outlook tool; also includes an office editor to create and edit documents in various formats. The user has the possibility to share his calendar with any person he chooses from his contacts. You can also create, edit, and manage an online calendar for any important client.
  • The user can send someone from their contact list to a text message directly to the phone
  • -it is assured that they have been improved to protect the email accounts of hackers; has an information encryption system that allows users to be quiet for the privacy of the contents of their messages.
  • Have spam protection and web thieves site. It has a color system: green; yellow and red to identify safe senders and alert on those who are very likely to be fraudulent; The Greens point out that they are reliable senders, yellows point to spam messages; and those marked in red can be extremely dangerous, here you can find the probable phishers of identity.
  • You can disable live links and block senders.
  • Microsoft has added the Outlook integration with Google Talk; this is a way to keep in touch with those people who use Gmail.
  • In addition, it has two-factor authentication support; although it is true that this is not specifically designed for Outlook, its functionality extends to it
  • Support for the IMAP protocol, is probably the most surprising, as third-party services can be integrated with Outlook.com.

All of Outlook.com offers higher up, making this product have great advantages over your nearest competitors.

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