Tips for improving Outlook performance

Every day a large number of people use Microsoft Outlook or Hotmail to perform acts in their email or use their calendar. This is the best proof that it is very useful, even though many people do not know all their goodness.

With the suggestions listed in this article, you can improve your performance by using the application. Learning a lot of things there and you still can’t tell, you’ll save time, you can work more efficiently and you can synchronize your personal agenda and work.

What to do when Outlook unexpectedly quits

Outlook is at the top of Microsoft Office, and offers extensive options for email control, contacts, and other information.

The main objective of this application is to simplify the management process and will allow you to do certain tasks automatically. His vision was always focused on the end user and his satisfaction.

But because perfection does not exist, Outlook is not exempt from doing so, and one of the errors that draws the most attention and is often, one in which they can present defects in the application. For this reason, the faith affected the performance of its use, since accidents can occur; Even, it can get slow, affecting this way its use.

You need to perform a series of maintenance and application optimization tasks to correct this type of errors so that you can take advantage of all the advantages it offers.

of Outlook runs on a database, as well as all those elements, such as e-mail messages, calendars, and contacts, among others, depend on it. Therefore, optimizing your use and reducing your size will help you to have a much better performance.

Some Outlook performance issues

Users can have multiple performance issues with Outlook, for example, when Outlook appears to be not responding or when it stops responding for a long time.

In both cases, these errors can occur for any of these reasons, even by several of them:

  • When the specifications of the equipment are insufficient
  • The absence of the latest updates to Outlook or Service packs
  • When there are files of the folders that are of large size
  • If there are Outlook files stored on a drive with insufficient write performance
  • By third-party plug-ins
  • If the AppData folder has been redirected to a network location
  • During several problems with Windows Vista
  • The interaction you have with some antivirus software
  • When Outlook message profile is corrupted
  • Other

What to do to increase Outlook performance

reducing Outlook memory usage; You can do this through the AutoArchive function, as long as it is active. This is to transfer the oldest e-mails to an old PST and so the input box is kept with a reduced weight. These emails can be found below, through the search.

Check for supplements to reduce the use of Outlook memory. You should check that the supplements you are using are the essentials or the ones you really need. Many programs perform the automatic installation of plugins; Even Microsoft, and then several of them only occupy space.

Turn off speech recognition if you are not going to use it; This will significantly reduce the use of Outlook memory, of course, by increasing your performance.

Disabling RSS readers, this also reduces memory usage, as they greatly affect Outlook performance. If you ever need to use it, you can use other than Outlook.

Often release the folder from those emails as junk or unwanted mail. Remember that all these emails are in the Outlook database and therefore it makes it slow if there are a lot of them. The excluded e-mail folder should also be treated with frequency.

Outlook can also reduce memory usage if you are using the Swap mode cache. This applies only to Microsoft Exchange accounts; If you enable cached-swap mode, emails are saved locally and can have much faster access to them.

You can delete or deactivate the taskbar in Outlook, and reduce network traffic between Exchange and Outlook screen mode. In this way, additional network traffic is avoided, thus increasing the performance of the application.

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