Cyber attacks against Hotmail and Outlook

Since the Internet has emerged, there has been a growing risk of cyber attacks, there have been no new techniques and others that seemed to have forgotten have been increasing, in recent years, these cyber attacks have affected millions of users.

There are no established limits for unauthorized access, illegal access to information dimensioned directly proportional to threats that are increasingly diverse and complex.



The targets of the attacks have expanded and include not only government institutions, but also critical infrastructure, enterprises and specific industries.

This requires stronger measures, even when most government institutions and large corporations have created tools to keep information secure, that is not enough because the methods of attacks have increasingly become more elusive and This leads to difficulties in identifying them.

Cyber attacks go through different stages: espionage, intrusion, internal disclosure, attack and elimination of the traces of activity. It is becoming increasingly difficult to detect these steps. These attacks represent one of the main threats to the security of companies around the world because one of the many consequences they generate is the loss of information.

In 2017, the loss of data by these attacks brought as a cost result of 3,620,000 dollars, attacks of cybercriminals and malicious code attacks are the most expensive and generate losses by 156 per record. The five countries that suffered the most attacks were: the United States, with 55.9% of the attacks; United Kingdom with 11%; Holland, with 6.5%; Japan, with 6.4% and Canada with 2.6% of the attacks. The five countries where more attacks came from were: China with 64.1% of the attacks; South Korea, with 8.1% of the attacks; Vietnam, with 5.9%, the United States with 3.5% and Taiwan with 2.6% of the attacks.

What is Hotmail and what is Outlook?

Hotmail is the name of an email account provider that is free and paid, was founded in 1995 by Bhatia and Smith was the first system of this type of Web mail later, in 1997, was acquired by Microsoft for a value of four million dollars to Mericanos ($400,000,000.00) and was added to the MSN network, which comes to add more than 30 million users, making it the largest email service in the web world.

Then he changed to live and now bears the name of Outlook works under the Windows platform and was developed by Microsoft to help people, both private, government, public or private companies that needed an email manager. Microsoft has automatically migrated accounts, including users who kept them from 1996. The Outlook function is to receive and send emails, as well as to store the received and sent messages.

The Hotmail email service goes to the right has more than twenty years offering its work and has been adapted to the needs of the users.

Cyber attacks against Hotmail and Outlook

When the Internet began to popularize-Microsoft suffered an attack, which were affected thousands of users, this attack consists of a virus that caused the user to believe that someone wanted to be known, when the user opens the attached file. The virus is automatically changed to 15 contacts and thus extended at an impressive rate. In May 2011, Microsoft discovered that strangers had accepted some accounts.

A security company called Trend Micro confirmed that the attackers were using a hidden program in an e-mail; This program exploited an error on the Microsoft Web site to make shift copies of all emails received by the person holding an account controlled by the attacker.

This was detected in more than a thousand accounts and, immediately, Microsoft solved the problem before the Trend Micro Publica discovered it. When Microsoft did the relevant research, they noted that this scheme was being used since July 2009 and had affected the Uighur ethnic group and Tibetan leaders. The attackers also managed to access emails from human rights defenders, African and Japanese diplomats, and many other people.

It is said that Microsoft was aware of these attacks and acknowledged that it did not notify users who suffered the theft of e-mails. However, they announced and after all that happened notify whenever they are aware that some government illegally accessed a user’s data.


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