How to restore an iPhone or iPad to factory settings

Whatever the reason may be, it is sometimes necessary to restore the device to factory conditions. This can solve some annoying problems that do not seem to have solution; or it is accurate when you simply want to sell or give your device to another person.

Only not everyone knows how to do it right; believing that it is something difficult or even running the risk of losing all the files. For lack of a simple backup.

If you are in need of performing this process on your Apple device; Check out our tutorial on how to restore your iPhone or iPad to factory settings!

How to restore an iPhone or iPad to factory settings
How to restore an iPhone or iPad to factory settings

Restoring your device in iTunes

First, connect your device to your computer, open iTunes and click on backup now “in the menu” Summary. You can choose between making a backup in iCloud or in iTunes itself, then decide what is best for you and continue.

This step is not necessary, but it is good for you to save any type of file or information on your device. With this ready, click on the “Restore” button on the same menu where a backup was now done little.

ITunes should ask if you really want to continue with this action, as this will erase all your data, files and custom settings. Confirm and wait for the process to complete, which may take a while depending on how many things are stored on your device.

After the restoration is complete, disconnect your device from the computer and make sure it has the same display screen that appeared when it was first used. You can start from scratch or choose to restore the backup made with iCloud or iTunes. Very simple, is not it ?!

Restoration using only the device

If you prefer, it is possible to do the restoration of your device without the help of iTunes, using only some configuration options of the device itself. We still recommend that you connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer to make backup copies quickly and safely, just as we taught in the previous topic. With this done, you can disconnect your device to continue the restoration.

First, go to the Settings menu and select the “General” tab. Go to the end of the new page and click “Reset” to see the restore options. It is possible to make several types of reset, but to restore the device to factory conditions, click on “Delete contents and settings”.

A window will open to warn you that this will erase all data from your device, then it is just confirm to continue with the process. As we said before, it is possible that this step is a bit slow depending on what you have on your iPhone or iPad, so wait patiently and do not try to do any other action at this time.

When everything is finished, you should be presented with the same startup screen when you use your device for the first time. Choose your initial configuration and see if you want to restore your backup through iCloud or iTunes. A very easy method too, do not you think ?!

And then, just like our tutorial today? With it, it is very clear to understand what is easy to restore the iPhone or iPad for plant configurations. Just do not forget to leave us your comment talking about if you have managed to do everything correctly or was left with any questions!

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