How to create an IGTV channel on Instagram

Instagram TV: Instagram launched the IGTV, a new application oriented to long-term videos , in vertical position. The videos (for ordinary users) must be between 15 seconds and 10 minutes long. What Instagram called “larger accounts and verified accounts” can upload videos of up to 60 minutes (but only using the Web version of the social network). That being the case, now you will have more than one Instagram app.

Create Instagram Account 

Do not think that just because you have an account on the social network you automatically have a channel on “Instagram TV” . Your channel, as well as YouTube , is the environment in which people can watch videos that you have posted on the IGTV. You will have to create your channel using the Android or iOS ( iPhone ) application or the web version.


How to create a channel in IGTV in the Instagram application

Through mobile phone, you can do this through the Instagram application or the IGTV application (which is already available for download). Update your Instagram before you start.

  1. Tap the TV icon in the upper right corner or open the IGTV application;
  2. Tap the gear icon and go to the settings;
  3. Click on “Create channel” and follow the instructions on the screen.
  4. Your channel is created exactly with the same username as the account.

How to create a channel on IGTV on the Web (

  1. Open the browser and go to;
  2. Access your profile and press or click on “Channel”;
  3. Select “Create channel” and follow the instructions that appear on the screen;
  4. After creating the channel, the “Create channel” element changes its name to “IGTV”.

Privacy in IGTV

The IGTV channel follows the same privacy settings as the Instagram account.

  • For private accounts: only approved followers can watch the channel and videos.
  • For public accounts: anyone on Instagram can watch the channel and the videos.

The channel audience

As in the original application of Instagram, you can see the information of the audience of the videos as I like, comments, number of visits, average percentage of the video assisted and a graph of audience retention by the media.

  1. Touch the thumbnail image to open the video;
  2. Tap the three-point menu at the bottom of the video;
  3. Click on the Information Viewer.

Only you will be able to see the average percentage of attendance of the viewers and the graph of lines of retention of public. However, I like it, comments and the number of visits will be visible to people who watch the video, as it is in the feed.

Important information about videos

  • The videos must be in MP4 file format.
  • Videos should be vertical, with a minimum ratio of 4: 5 and a maximum of 9:16.
  • The maximum file size to watch videos of 10 minutes or less is 650 MB.
  • The maximum file size to watch videos up to 60 minutes is 5.4 GB.
  • You can share a video of the IGTV channel with a Facebook Page.
  • On Instagram, the social network warns its followers that you have posted something on IGTV.

Do I need to have a channel to watch videos and use IGTV?

It is not necessary.

You just have to download the Instagram IGTV application for iOS or Android. The videos are played automatically. Slide to the right or to the left to jump between the videos. Touch and hold to pause a video and press or drag the player control at the bottom of the screen to jump forward or backward in a video. You can enjoy, comment or send a video in a direct message to contacts.

In addition to the traditional search for channels and users, Instagram suggests tabs such as “For you”, “Following”, “Popular” and “Continue watching” (for videos that were not seen in the middle). When following someone on IGTV, they will also follow the account on Instagram.

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