What is the verification in two steps of the hotmail and why use?

In the last years, With the Development constant of the Applications; has been converted into essential easylink of safety measures to connect the Any balneary; counts the social network. One of the safety measures taken by several applications, ES having two steps to enter. One of the examples bad news is Hotmail.

This measure is not recent, in fact; has a lot of time in action. And it’s about putting a lot of personal data that might be helpful so that the person can have access to it. So that, the two-step verification is essentially an option that should be activated and you will receive an email and phone security code that you have placed.

This option is used to ensure that you are the owner of the account who is accessing it.

On the other side, if this option is unchecked, the account will not receive any code constantly to be checked only once in a while or when it is created that has a risk for account security.

Why use the two-step system?

Two-step authentication works to protect your account if someone tries to pass by the person who owns the account.

And it is important to use it abecause most accounts that can be opened on social networks; applications or Web pages contain the email, even, when opening an account in an online bank; it is necessary to use the email.

The importance lies in the fact that any associated account can be controlled if they manage; to enter the email and it is there that can bring consequences do not have this system active.

A clear example of this may be the Amazon page, if a person manages to get into Amazon’s account and make a large and expensive order, it can only be detrimental to the account owner. Therefore, two-step verification is important since, if you do not own the account who opens the email account of your usual computer then you will receive a verification code. And that will be the only way to open the email account.

One important note is that by activating the two-step verification option, you will always need to check in two different ways. is to say, if the key is lost or forgets it is mandatory to check with the security information. The security of the information is the alternative email and the phone number of the sleep of the account.

In addition, it is important to know that not all applications or pages are compatible with the two-step verification option so you should create an application-specific password. The best known are Windows Phone and Xbox live. In these cases, you should only return the account and create the password to log on to any of these devices.



How do I turn on two-step verification?

In the event that the option is disabled; the following instructions explain how to put the two-step system of Hotmail to work.

The first step is to go to that address (https://account.live.com/proofs/Manage) and enter with the email and the password.

Choose more security options or information security.

Then in two-step verification Choose the Configure two-step verification option to activate. If you want to deactivate it, choose the option to turn off verification in two steps.

Then just follow the instructions that are there and get to the end and choose the Ready option.


How do I create the password for applications?

If you try to enter a page or application that is not compatible with two-step verification. Commonly, a message will come out that says the password is incorrect, if this is the case; it is necessary to create an application-specific password for the site, application, or electronic device. Next are the steps to create the application password:

Go to the Https://account.microsoft.com/security page to log in with your email and password.

The second step is to choose more security options.

So where it says application passwords, click the Create a new application password option.

Then you just have to opt for a password.

What happens when you enable verification in two steps?

The biggest difference; is that when you log in you will be prompted for a code that comes to the phone you typed. But you can choose not to re-use the two-step verification on the computer you are entering; so you only need the password.



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