Useful extensions for Hotmail/Outlook

The email servers, one of the most famous was the Hotmail when the service changes to Outlook as your email manager modernized its use. Perspectives began using Chrome extensions to achieve faster and more intuitive operation.

Useful extensions for Hotmail

Extensions are some help programs for deploying Microsoft Outlook, the main goal of these is to add new functional capabilities in Microsoft Outlook and automate some functional capabilities that are routine. Extensions that can be developed in Microsoft Visual Studio or third-party tools, such as the Express add-in. Some of the most important Outlook extensions are the following:

GE.TT extension

This is an extension of Chrome, and through it, the process of attaching files will be much easier, bigger the size of the files and videos will be loaded directly to the account of without delays, for example, the load of a video 50 MB is made in an average of a Second. This allows you to load files up to 2 GB in an integrated way in the message itself. The recipient will receive the message and with a single click to start downloading.

Simple Checker

It is a kind of extension that facilitates the work, so that your installation, you will see a button with a letter to the right of the Firefox address bar, to give the click, the user is taken directly to the inbox of Outlook and will show only the men Messages not read. In this way, you don’t have to waste time looking for or using filters, because you get access quickly without complications. There are extensions for Chrome just like this one.

Advanced HTML

If you want to get messages that contain an improved design HTML technology, you can do with this extension. It’s also used for Gmail. Once installed, just go to the source option, in the toolbar and paste the HTML code, or you can send invitations in style in Outlook or newsletters completely rofessional, not complicate life.

Menu Dashboard

When you install an extension in Google Chrome, you can have simple and direct access to all Outlook options without having to go through the page. As well as being able to enter the e-mail, you can also write the notes, contacts, calendar or OneDrive files. Please note that with this extension of the Office line files will be available soon.

Outlook notifier

This extension is very simple and is a system to receive notifications while the user navigates through Chrome. Each time you receive a new message, a small warning will appear to the right of the address bar. Pressing the button will go directly to the message and you can answer or delete it. It’s very easy, quick and simple.

The Outlook Social Connector is an integral part of Outlook from Microsoft Office 2010 and allows the integration of social networks such as Linkedin, Facebook and Windows Live Messenger into Microsoft Outlook.


With this application, you can track each email with a different GIF. If you are one of those who really uses Gif on Twitter or Facebook you might like this extension, it allows you to consult the animated image gallery and look through the tags.


It is very simple, just add a panel where you can choose a emoji and send it along with the text. They are divided into categories, and you can choose the color of the skin of each one you want to send.

Email translator

If you can translate emails from almost any language, but you have a problem, you have to know the language in which you type the email address you are receiving.


Malicious emails and spam are highly dangerous, not only because they can download viruses and therefore infect your computer, but because they are trained to steal data (via phishing or via Keyloger). This extension allows you to preview the contents of an email before downloading it to your computer.

If you have any problems with some of the extensions described above, it is possible to uninstall in a really fast way, just go to the configuration in the boot menu (it is the button in the upper right corner of your browser). In the new menu, you have to look at the top left side, there appears the word Chrome, under this seems extensions, when you click There, will leave a list of all that the user has enabled. Simply mark the trash in the extension that you no longer want and it will disappear instantly.

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