Things you can do with Hotmail and didn’t know

Hotmail is a mail server used by all. About 4 million emails are sent daily worldwide through this interface.

For years he has been a strong competitor for other servers, like Gmail. However, it remained within the main market, because, as it has evolved, they were incorporated into the new functions that give it an advantage over others.

In addition to simple email messages, Hotmail gives a lot of options so you can do more than that.

In fact, one of the advantages that Hotmail offers is that you can use the one Drive cloud to store all the photos, videos and documents that come to you in the mail.

This happens thanks to the fact that Hotmail belongs to Microsoft and, in alliance with another of its applications, this is One Drive, all its important data that you want to maintain, can be synchronized with the cloud and that way you will not occupy so much space in the Devices you have them on.

The benefit of a unit was only the beginning. So, we’ll show you what the things Hotmail can do for you and I didn’t know.

Hotmail does everything for you. 3 functions you didn’t know about this server

There are some Hotmail features and associations with other servers that belong to the Microsoft platform, which not only facilitate the entire communication process in electronic messages, but also add other additional services. Some of these tools that not all Hotmail users know how to take advantage of them are the following:

  • Skype is one of Microsoft’s encrypted servers. Together with Hotmail, they created an alliance so that everyone who has an email server account can access this application. What was previously Microsoft’s MSN, was reduced to Skype.
  • You will have the facility to send and receive messages through a chat, without the need to open the mailbox. You only have to have your Hotmail account, password again to enter the Skype program, and immediately you can start not only to talk, but also to make video calls with someone else who is anywhere in the world.
  • One of the functions that most benefits brings, above all, to the world of the companies, is the regent of the programming of e-mails.

Once the time is always very small and the tasks and jobs abound, taking out space to send an email is quite complicated. But because Hotmail has an option that allows you to set the time and date you want to send the e-mail, you only have to go to the screed that says  “More options “, to fill all the information and upload the document you want to send. In less than two minutes you will have all your emails planned and you will arrive at your destination on the correct day and time.

Automatic responses are also part of schedule emails. If you have a company, but you don’t always stick to the computer, then you can set up a fixed answer that is sent to all the users who write to your Hotmail address. This way you can guarantee a service to all your customers and keep them safe while configuring the direct link with them.

  • In addition to staying in touch with all the important people in your working life and your private life, Hotmail also offers a tool that allows you to organize your meetings or events.

Maybe they think that anyone can have a calendar, this is different. It allows to create an exclusive for the events of the work and another for the family and friends. Both are synchronized, notified one day before and the same day of the appointment, and you still want to, you share the event you schedule with the people who are going to attend this.

Hotmail and Gmail, a merger of accounts

Although both are great competitors of the market, Hotmail developed a feature that allows you to combine information from other accounts. So you will not have to enter one and the other, but that you can redirect the messages that arrive to the inbox of Hotmail.

No matter if you have a Gmail account or any other server, you can keep all your contacts up to date in one account. To all your email accounts will now be much more comfortable and simple.

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