Outlook sign up, tutorial

Outlook sign up: The service of sending and receiving messages Hotmail, the same has the name really “Microsoft Outlook“, since Microsoft is its parent company, which since the year one thousand nine hundred and ninety six, although of course although everyone knows him like Hotmail.

Previously it was called: Windows Live Hotmail and MSN Hotmail, although many of us know that today it is called “Outlook“, although we have been using it in different parts of the globe for a long time.

Since it has been and is available in 36 languages, but leaving the technical and theoretical data aside, we will develop the functional aspect by teaching you to Outlook sign up.

Outlook sign up, tutorial
Outlook sign up, tutorial

Outlook sign up

Basically there are few steps to create Outlook account is why we will teach them below:

  1. The first thing we should do is of course access the Hotmail page (you will verify that you are on the official Hotmail page, www.outlook.com or www.hotmail.com, because before the URL you will find a security protocol called “Microsoft Corporation [US]”), but of course this will be followed by entering the button that says “Create account
  2. Then you will enter a page where you will be presented with a form which although at the beginning it may seem a bit long with respect to other services, you must bear in mind that an email represents in our virtual life, the equivalent of a DNI in real life, that is why you should pay close attention to all the data and how you respond, from the name to the password, security question, among others.
  3. Safety first and foremost, remember to choose a very good password and easy-to-remember security questions.

In a few words that would be everything, in order to successfully complete your Outlook sign up email and obtain your precious email account.

If you want to keep your Outlook email account without theft problem, you have to use a password difficult to guess, this will help you in security and you will see that nobody will be able to remove your Outlook account.

If Outlook sign up, you can not find an account, just add letters or numbers at the end and you can have your original username.

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