Msn mail sign in

MSN mail sign in: In this tutorial we will teach how to sign in MSN; and create an account for free, but before a question do you know what MSN is? Do not? So let’s explain.

The MSN is an abbreviation of “The Microsoft Network”; which is a collection of websites that offer content on the web (for example, news) and services (eg: Hotmail, Windows Live Mail, etc). is one of the most visited sites in the world and includes a search engine, free e-mail, MSN Messenger program, which is already obsolete and was changed by Skype and much more.

Create Hotmail Account 

To create an MSN account and download the Messeguer; all you have to do is register for free. The account will allow you to take full advantage of the services offered in this network.

Msn mail sign in
Msn mail sign in

Create MSN Account and Msn mail sign in

The registration form to create an MSN account with free email is divided into two pages; in which the elements of the e-mail address are collected and another in which personal information is provided.

The first step is to visit the MSN USA website and create a Windows Live ID. Remember that if you have already created a Hotmail, use Messenger or Xbox LIVE; then you already have a Windows Live ID and you can skip this step, you only need MSN mail sign in. Let’s start:

Create a Windows Live ID and msn hotmail sign

If you do not have, you can create one now. To do this, click on the “register” button on the official MSN USA page. You go to a form:

In this form, click on the phrase “get a Windows Live email address” to register with Hotmail.

Know that the name you choose for your Windows Live ID is used in your email address and it will be something like

Fill in the form with the information such as the password for the new Hotmail email, your name, POSTAL code, etc. After filling out the form, click on the “accept” button. Ok, you just made a free MSN Hotmail.

Download the MSN Messenger

This stage is not mandatory in case you just want to create Hotmail mail on the MSN (you just did this in the previous step). Now that you have created your account on the MSN and you already have a Hotmail, it is time to download the MSN Messenger.

He is a program to chat online with friends.

You are required to have a Windows Live ID account to use. As we have just shown how to create an MSN and you already have your ID; click on this link to download the MSN Messenger

Attention: For MSN LIVE users

Windows Live Messenger or MSN Messenger stopped operating in 2013. Former users migrated to the new Microsoft communication service that replaced the Messenger. If you want to register for this new service, visit: How to Download, Install and Configure Skype

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