How to sync Outlook and Hotmail in Gmail?

How to sync Outlook and Hotmail in Gmail: The Web offers a wide range of tools that are appropriate to the needs of the users.

If a user uses multiple email accounts, nothing better than integrating them, to manage everything in one place. This will save you time and facilitate the various operations you want to do with them.

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What is known about Gmail?

It is an email service provided by the U.S. company Google, Inc. Began operating in the year 2004. Since its launch, it has made numerous innovations; Something that caught the attention of many users and media.

In 2012 Gmail surpasses perspective; That until then was the most used email service so far, surpassing the number of users worldwide. Another achievement is the year 2014, where it obtained more than one billion downloads in the Android.

It is available for mobile devices, although mobile Gmail does not have all the features of the service it traditionally uses. In addition to browsing a mobile phone, there is a Java application to a wide variety of compatible phones.

Steps to sync Outlook and Hotmail in Gmail

How to sync Outlook and Hotmail in Gmail? Although Titanic is two competitors in the computer world, because it is nothing less than Microsoft and Google; Synchronizing these two emails is an easy task. To do this, make sure you have access to the Internet; and have an email account in Gmail and a Hotmail email account now known as Outlook.

The first is to set up your Gmail account so you can receive and view Hotmail emails:

  • You must enter through the top right of the main screen or the Gmail Inbox for your account settings.
  • Open the tab for Routing and email POP/IMAP.
  • Then in “Download POP mail ” You must set to select the checkbox that says “Enable pop for all emails ” or “Enable pop for mail that arrives from now “. This depends on the preferences you have regarding your email.

After performing these steps, you must open the Outlook or Hotmail page and log in. You must go to the Tools menu and proceed as follows:

  • On the Tools menu, click “email accounts “.
  • Go where it says “Add a new email account ” and click to continue.
  • Then you must click POP3 and load where it says next in order to continue with the configuration.
  • On the new screen, you must place all the data that matches your Gmail account, such as name, e-mail and password to enter Gmail.
  • Now you will be asked for the information corresponding to the server, there you must place the following: as the input messages and as the outgoing email.
  • Then go to configure the output server. Here you must click “My output server requires authentication “; And in the Advanced Setup screen, press for the in and out server, where it says “This server requires an encrypted connection “.
  • Finally, go to Gmail to confirm that everything is ready. This is done through the “test account settings ” option.

Violation of privacy

Since Gmail was launched on the market, the service was criticized by several organizations dedicated to the protection of privacy in the world. These criticisms have ended in that already two times they were obliged to change their policies concerning the subject.

In principle, complaints are directed to the advertising mode used by the company; Because the company looks at the messages received and then displays the classified ads that relate to the topic. Also for the ambiguity that it presents in the messages deleted by the users of driving, as it were, but at the same time, the same user can recover.

The root of the disclosures of the Snowden filtered documents between the years 2013 and 2014, it is also known that the intelligence agencies of the United States, in collaboration with other countries, work to break in some way, the encrypted embedded in different Software, including Google, Microsoft and Yahoo. The same Google notified, publicly, that gives access to the intelligence services of the States of the United States to have access to the data of any user, no matter what is or not the USA.

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