How to block an email address in Hotmail?

Block an email address in Hotmail: The Hotmail email service, now known as Outlook, can block an email address, as long as they know you want to block.

If you use the steps below, you can block one or more e-mail addresses from not receiving any messages from them again.

Spam is also known as junk is a constant in the life of anyone who uses any email service. That’s why many Hotmail users have the task of blocking email addresses that are dedicated to spamming.

Blocking email accounts is a simple and often-done option. In the case of receiving a lot of spam and you cannot undo it, blocking the email account is a valid option.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to get emails from a known sender, you can also block that account.

When an email account is blocked it is not permanent, but it is added to a list. But then you can remove from the list and receive messages from the sender without any problems.

Block an email address in Hotmail

How do I gasp an email address?

The Hotmail options are quite easy to use and blocking any user takes very little time and is quite simple.

The following steps explain how to block a contact in Hotmail the easiest way:

  • The first step is to insert or depending on the option you want.
  • Then log in as you normally would.
  • Then, you choose the white gear and click More Email configuration options.
  • As the fourth step is opting to avoid unwanted email and then in trusted senders and blocked.
  • You must choose Blocked senders
  • Then you will see a form where you must add the e-mail address you want to block in case it is one. But you can also add as much as you want to the list.
  • As a last step, you must click the Add to List option and see how they appear in the Locked senders box and lock.

If you must be very careful to block email accounts, as you have to make sure that they are written correctly. If there is an error, either by a letter or a different character, the person you want, if not a third party, will not be blocked. This can be detrimental as you may lose information from another email.

how to remove email addresses that have been blocked?

You must follow all the above steps, with the difference that you select the email sender you want and choose the option to remove. Then select the Save option and the selected contact has been successfully removed from the list of locks.

how to remove the spam box for an email address?

On the other hand, it can also happen that Hotmail blocks unfamiliar addresses and places them in the spam box and not in your inbox. These users, who want to receive e-mail messages, are called Safe Senders and recipients. Secure recipients are the users who do not want to block and want to receive in their inbox.

If for any reason there are senders in junk mail it is very easy to add to the list of safe senders.

How to add contacts to the list of Safe senders and recipients?

These are the following steps if you want to add contacts to the Safe Senders list:

  • As was done before you need to log in to or depending on what you prefer.
  • If you choose the configuration option or the gear, then mail.
  • Then you will see options and if you choose block or Allow.
  • The user or email you want to add to the list is placed in Safe senders and recipients. Then type here a sender or domain is the text box where you must enter the email you want to add and select the Add option.
  • Select Save and ready.

Safe senders can also be removed from the list. In case you want to block anyone you should only remove them from the list of Safe senders and change it to that of the blocked senders, if necessary.

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