Hotmail sign in login page outlook

Hotmail sign in login page outlook: Outlook, also known as Hotmail, gave its first unification steps in 2013, when the prominent Hotmail e-mail services company has changed its domain to

This change of name, marked a series of reforms in the design and operation of Hotmail. In this sense, users of this platform have had to start the domain change for to continue enjoying the service.

As many of you know, the Outlook is an operating system of the prestigious Microsoft company, which has adopted new update strategies in its navigation system to improve its service.

Hotmail sign in Login Page Outlook in the site

After taking full control of Hotmail, Microsoft has made a series of readjustments in the presentation and design of the well-known e-mail image.

Hotmail sign in login page outlook
Hotmail sign in login page outlook

This update of the version of Outlook Hotmail, caused some confusion among users, not being familiar with the system.

It is noteworthy that, although this new Union occurs in 2013, the information program of Outlook has a long history of more than 15 years in the technology market.

What is the outlook and how does it work?

Outlook is a free e-mail application, showing a simple appearance with a similar design to Windows 8. This system was adapted by Hotmail in 2013, initiating the migration of its users to the system.

The Outlook works a Windows platform, which allows the communication of millions of people in the world, send, receive and store email messages. Connect to social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, chat with Skype and Facebook contacts and watch YouTube videos.

It also allows the administration of several e-mail accounts from the same place, as well as the electronic messages of several mailboxes and attractive e-mails.

Register for outlook Hotmail

If you have been impressed with the functionality and benefits of Outlook Hotmail, and want to be part of Outlook, do not worry, because the instant messaging system has an easy and quick way to do it, see below what it is:

Steps to register the Outlook Hotmail:

  1. Go to the registration page of Outlook in Spanish or click on the link
  2. Complements the registration form that appears in the system.
  3. Choose the name of the Microsoft account
  4. Create a password to access your account
  5. Enter your phone number and an alternative e-mail address
  6. Specify your nationality.
  7. Complete the CAPTCHA to confirm that you are not a robot.
  8. Click “I agree” to accept the terms of service and policies.

Sign in session in outlook

This tool offers Outlook users a convenient and easy way to enter your e-mail without many laps. But to start your adventure through this fascinating world of Hotmail and Outlook, so let’s indicate how to follow the following instructions:

Log in with an Outlook account:

  1. Go to the homepage of or click on the link
  2. Enter your e-mail address or phone number
  3. Select the next option
  4. press the login button

Troubleshooting when starting session in outlook

If you have problems logging into Outlook, do not worry about how Microsoft organized on its official website the necessary tools to solve your problems. To do this, we facilitate this stage, so you can have fast and secure access to your selected email account.

Fix the boot problem in Outlook:

  1. Go to the Microsoft website or click on the link
  2. Access the Outlook option
  3. Click on the problem solving button
  4. Select the option that I can not start Microsoft Outlook
  5. Follow the instructions below to get access to your Outlook account

I forgot my outlook password as i do to recover it?

If when you start your session in Outlook you realize that you have forgotten your password, do not despair! Once this operating system has a series of instructions necessary to recover the password from the Microsoft homepage.

Let’s see below what are the steps to follow to avoid losing your account

  1. Enter the official Microsoft website or click on the link
  2. Go to the login button
  3. Enter your Outlook email address and do the following
  4. The next box will show you the option that I have forgotten my password
  5. Select the option “I have forgotten my password and it gives for the next
  6. In the Enter your e-mail address box, type the specific characters and click next
  7. Select the path by which you want to recover your password, such as a phone number or alternate email address
  8. Next, you will receive a security code, which you must type in the space of the corresponding screen and press NEXT
  9. Add a new password and press the Next button to recover your account

How to start session in Hotmail and outlook from a cellular phone

For users who want to access their e-mail accounts from one place, Outlook provided a new application for Android and iOS mobile devices (iPhone os) for them.

To start enjoying this excellent tool, we invite you to pay attention to the following instructions described below:

Install Outlook on Android and IOS devices:

  1. From your device, go to the Play Store and look for the Microsoft Outlook application
  2. To start the process, Click on the install button
  3. Accept the permission conditions of the application requested by the application so that the program can work properly on your device
  4. Once the application installation process is complete, you can open the application to log in with your Outlook email and password.

Install Outlook from the Web page

  1. Insert the Microsoft Outlook page or click on the link
  2. Select the option to locate the Outlook email application
  3. Enter your email account associated with your cell phone
  4. Access the play store link to start the download
  5. Search the Outlook program
  6. Click on the install button
  7. It gives you the option accept the rules and conditions and ready to log in to your Outlook email.

Why use the Outlook? Advantage

If you thought you knew everything about Outlook you are wrong, because here we are going to give you more reasons why you should use this free e-mail system.

  1. He has Skype, which consists of an instant messaging system, and also has the ability to allow video conferencing. All this from the mail tray.
  2. It provides almost unlimited storage space for documents and files.
  3. It allows you to change the color of your tray and also the theme of the user interface.
  4. Outlook has support on any type of device and on almost all platforms (Windows, Android, IOS).
  5. He has a workspace with Office tools, able to create and edit the documents of his choice and in different formats.
  6. It contains an agenda to schedule your meetings and appointments, as well as a calendar to order your time.

Why not use the outlook? Disadvantages

This system of instant messaging, like other applications has a series of disadvantages that can be discouraged when people want to choose Outlook as an e-mail service program between these faults that we find:

  1. The small application to incorporate the tools that allow an optimal update of the functions.
  2. Outlook does not provide a fast and optimized logon service, you have to wait to load all functions and tools before using them.
  3. He does not have a simple and quick process for configuring a domain, which requires technical knowledge to be done and not all Outlook users have this knowledge.

Fortunately, Outlook has few negative resources that can be resolved at the time of the update of the e-mail program versions. Even so, Outlook is not the fastest post system, so some prefer to use others.

Common problems of outlook and Hotmail how to solve them?

Among the most common problems presented in Outlook and Hotmail are difficulties to log in, the system does not respond, it stops working, it crashes, it stops working when the Office application starts, it is not able to correct the messages that do not come from the output tray, messages are not sent.

However, to solve these problems, users can go to the link that is the Outlook help center, where they will be able to make known their problems by means of Search box and find the steps Suitable for solving them.

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