Hotmail In addition to the Web, applications for PC and cellular

The login page to access the Go Hotmail was one of the pages of an instant messaging service that was prolonged in time and space. Now known as the perspective changed its image, but in essence remains the same.

Hotmail has remained one of the most important instant messaging services.

In addition, Hotmail transcends beyond the online page, to become a desktop application and also for mobile services. The application is called Outlook and can be downloaded on the PC or Mac and through any mobile device.

advantages of using the Outlook application

There are many advantages to using the Outlook application, and can be used with an email from Hotmail. The advantages include:

  • -You can organize the received messages in an easy and automatic way. So it’s more convenient to focus on the messages that really matter.
  • -The included calendar works to organize commitments, events and tasks in a simple and organized way.
  • -It is easy to use the cloud and share files with other Outlook users.
  • -it is possible to stay connected from anywhere.

How can I add an account when I download Outlook?

When downloading the PC application is quite easy to add email, but here are a number of steps to follow in case of doubt:

  • The first is to open the transferred application. In the event that this is the first time you enter the application, there will be a welcome message. On the other hand, if this is not the case you should choose File and then add account.
  • In the Type your email box, click Connect.
  • A box may appear where you must write personal data, such as the name, email, and password of the account you have and should choose to follow.
  • In case you need to write the password again, you must do it and then press OK.
  • As a final step, you only have to press finish.

After that, the application is ready to be used with the email that has been configured. The way to send an email in the Outlook application is the same as it is usually done in

How to create a contact group in the Outlook application?

A group of contacts is a list that causes several people to be related to the same purpose.

A list of contacts can be the closest friends, co-workers or a particular team. The reason you use a contact group so you don’t have to add one to one, the contacts you receive the same message.


  • There are two ways to do it, if you are using the compact navigation bar you must choose the option on the other hand, if you use the Extended toolbar, click the Contacts option.
  • Then, in my Contacts, select the Contacts folder.
  • A number of options will appear, you must choose a new group of contacts.
  • Select the name you want for the contact list.
  • If you choose to add members and join the people you want for the list.
  • Then you just have to keep it, and it’s all set.

Outlook for mobile devices

Today online services must be at the forefront of users of the World 2.0. Most people want to have applications on their mobile phones with instant and easy-to-use messages. That’s why any company that wants to prosper should be up to date with the trends that the user wants.

Because Hotmail has remained in the market for so long, change to Outlook, and stay in time and in the digital space.

Outlook is an instant messaging application that is linked to Microsoft Office. It is available for Windows Phone, IOS or Android, and is complemented with all Outlook services. This application has been in the process of updating to improve each one of its features and that can offer the best service to its users.

In addition, the Outlook application has a list of add-ons that can be very useful to use at home or at work. Among the supplements are:

  • Evernote is an application that manages the organization of images, files or any type of information, like in a notepad.
  • Wunderlist: is a tool that converts a message into a task to execute.
  • Attachment Manager: This is an element that is synchronized with OneDrive for heavy file loading.
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