Hotmail and the integration of Cortana in their applications

Virtual Assistants and artificial intelligence make every day more important when it comes to technology. Every day the devices are better; Because in addition to allowing the realization of a large number of new actions are added to that part that can not be left on paper.

Artificial intelligence is the aggregate that brings something that is not given by the technical terms that can be found on paper. This extra is what is called  “intelligence ” that have devices today; And it opens up a range of options for those people looking for something else on their phone, computer or board.

Today, the most famous or popular technology terminals is the smartphone; Since it expanded massively in society.

For these reasons, companies are increasingly interested in adding this component called artificial intelligence on their computers; From what has been seen, little by little, the arrival of assistant to Google, the Apple Siri and now to Cortana to Microsoft.

The presence of Microsoft in smartphones is almost nil and Cortana could increase their participation in them. This leads the company to make decisions as to putting its own virtual assistant in applications such as Outlook and Hotmail, email service itself and is as popular as the smartphone.

What is Cortana?

Cortana is a kind of virtual assistant that was developed by the company Microsoft, which is based on the character that bears the same name of the series of Halo games.

Cortana started in Windows Phone 8.1, then in Microsoft Band and then on Windows 10, also on Xbox. As an independent program, and now it’s on IOS and Android.

This wonderful wizard recognizes natural language, without the need to use a specific command; Its databases are the Bing, Foursquare, Yelp.

It is the first virtual assistant that allows developers to integrate with it using their applications through the voice.

Among its functions, one can mention the following:

  • Open applications
  • Search all over the phone
  • Create, turn alarms on or off
  • Create notes (saves them in OneNote)
  • Music Play functions
  • Call a Contact
  • Show Current Location
  • Search the Internet
  • Provides statistics-based sports results

Cortana is actually a personal assistant, your project is designed to help you with your tasks. From day one, you can already provide some answers and also perform basic tasks. As good friends, little by little he is known to be more useful every day.

You can be sure that Cortana will keep you informed of your notices.

Now, cell phones can count on Cortana


Names like Hotmail email access or just Hotmail login are constants among the most wanted; And is that Hotmail is one of the most famous email services among the population. Every day attracts more people, reaches all segments and thus remained for long years.

Microsoft has achieved what many others do not have, however, and that is that people are more interested every day this service, increasing the number of users in large numbers.

The fact that Cortana is definitely used in mobile device applications is great news for all users. This virtual assistant has already passed the tests carried out, since it was tested among the employees of the company for a reasonable time, with excellent results. So, the rest of the world’s users will soon be amplified.

Thanks to Cortana, both IOS and Android will have a personal assistant in your email application of Outlook or Hotmail, performing actions that native assistants still do not achieve platform. Among the novelties is the ability to read and answer e-mails without touching anything to the mobile.

The importance of Cortana for Microsoft

Adding mobile Cortana is of great importance to Microsoft; It is not just the fact of giving a new service to the users, but also it will be a great help to go updating the version and do with great service.

As more users can use this virtual assistant, Microsoft can continue to improve; Taking her to recognize voices, sounds, orders and many more things. This is extremely important for any company, in this case, for Microsoft.

Different companies have applied this method, which, through users and the use of upgrading or updating applications; Especially as far as artificial intelligence is concerned.

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