Hotmail and Outlook, the Internet Marvel

Currently, this platform is known as Outlook and previously as Hotmail.

The Hotmail was the first email service for free and, despite the many changes it has suffered, is kept in the market as one of the most used.

Without a doubt, the idea of its creator, to inform no matter where in the world they are, is a marvel. You only need to have Internet connection through any device.

Knowing a little more Hotmail

Hotmail and Outlook, the Internet Marvel

Jack Smith was the idea in 1995, Hotmail for this time stood out for its great storage capacity and you could have access to any part of the world. By the year 1997, they went on to integrate the unification becoming popular, almost immediately, and in 1999 already had millions of users.

By the year 2004, Gmail, its closest competition offered more progress; So he decided to innovate with new arrangements and configurations. In this way, it remained in the market.

In 2013 it is known that it changes its name to Outlook; A much more up-to-date and modern platform. Today, this unification is still one of the best and one of the most used, since it is very useful for the personal or business organization.

Perspectives comes with new tools, which eventually become their users almost indispensable; It also has almost unlimited storage capacity.

Change from Hotmail to Outlook

Hotmail and Outlook, the wonder of InternetHotmail has become history, no longer exists; Because Microsoft decided to completely renew this service and turn it into This change was very sudden and at no time was the users anticipated about the fact.

There were many questions that have arisen, for example, not knowing what would happen to the messages and contacts saved.

However, users retained their address and Hotmail contacts. In spite of that and the time that has already passed, the change made in 2013; There are some who still have doubts, such as migrating their email addresses to Similarly, e-mails sent to the old one will be automatically redirected to the new platform.

Today, users maintain the same Hotmail email address and, despite the change, continue to send and receie emails with this address. Microsoft has not clarified this situation, but certainly users migrate gradually to Outlook.

As for the furniture, there is no problem to use the application on Android, IOS or Windows Phone.

If you, as a user, want to start using the Outlook alias, go to your email account settings. To this end, we must be tightening the tool nut on the top bar and then “More Mail options “. After these “create an Outlook alias. ” The new address is entered and, finally, it is configured as you wish to receive the e-mail. Regardless of having created a new nickname to access you must continue to use access to the original data.

Space for office will remain virtually limitless.

Outlook (e-mail)


It is not, and should not be confused with Microsoft Outlook in this case we talk about web-based email service and Microsoft that was formerly known as Hotmail.

During the transition carried out between the years 2012 and 2013, @ address is provided to all users and some decided to update voluntarily to the interface.

The service remains free and totally autonomous to the Microsoft Outlook Journal, the latter is the most complete and displays the so-called Microsoft Office suite.

Hotmail was the email service, the largest in the world for the year 2012, followed by Gmail and Yahoo! Mail and, ventured into 36 different languages.

It’s simple-looking and looks like Windows 8 design. It allows to observe about 30% more messages than Hotmail and also have eliminated all the graphic ads.

It allows the connection to social networks (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) and carry out activities in them like emails and see photos, and much more. You can also chat with Skype and Facebook contacts, in addition, you can use the Office connection in the cloud with OneDrive from the inbox.

Finally, you can see videos of online links to YouTube, without having to go to that page.

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