Google changes the appearance of Gmail to fight Microsoft’s giant Outlook

Since the Internet was the modern era, there are many candidates who made the image and screen within their ranks. GOOGLE has been the most outstanding for its ease of use as a web browser; and an innovative and didactic format that will be presented on the main screen of each monitor, with a search box and links to other services offered by the company.

Google is an exceptional search engine

Google links, allow the user’s Internet to browse between surveys for different content or file types; where each Google tool company, offers a border options according to the needs of users, among them are Google News; Google and Google Video, and one of the most popular services that extend its reach, are gmail ( email), Google Maps, Google AdSense (online advertising system) and YouTube.

The integration of each of its services and web elements makes Google perform the automatic recognition of any type of content requested; which creates the ease in the search for any information through the interconnection of each of its digital platforms; Not only does it offer an excellent variety of information, but a multifocal perspective of all its services and the number of pages related to information research.

Gmail is a Google tool

One of the tools that provides support to this search engine is the GMAIL; which is a type of email service that presented some technological innovations POP3 and IMAP.

Currently offers a storage capacity of 15 GB, also uses a search engine in a simple and advanced way of text messages, as well as allowing the change of language.

It has a message labeling system, which extends the traditional folders; Provides storage in the cloud through your Google Drive filter and message, not to mention that it is available for mobile devices.

This tool has been very useful within the Google platform, considering the great scope it offers its users in terms of the information they can receive and send through their channels. However, despite being a service that has a great history and track record, it is important to know what is subject to constant competition among its rivals in the market, which makes the company an interest in maintaining an updated version of the format demands front users, with the aim of capturing and maintaining the largest number of users to its platform.

This puts the Gmail technique that works constantly in new projects and tools that provide high quality service and user interest, the maintenance of an innovative cable, advertising and security.

Inovar is better: the new look of Gmail

The work in a new style for a digital platform generates an effort and dedication of its creators; moreover, knowing the existing demands, the advances of the competition; and the technological context, format and main design of the service. That is why, before this new GMAIL need, it made an update of the features of its service platform; with which they have to do with one of its rivals such as Microsoft’s Outlook.

These features are designed to boost you as the most widely used email server in the world. Among the innovations are:

A different design in the aspect of its web version; with a style that maintains a relationship with the material of Design 2 guides.

A new interface more similar to the Google material design lines, which allows light colors and rounded shapes. As an additive, like the removable sidebar that allows access to the different tools of the mail administrator.

If you gave an integration of general-purpose applications such as Calendar, Google Keep, or tasks. In addition to a notice that captures the user’s attention; to respond to those e-mails we received days ago and those that have not been read.

In the version on the desktop has the function of the Spart Answers; which allows you to analyze the content of each email and automatically display predefined responses depending; on the context to generate greater speed in the user’s responses.

Finally, the private mode, which prevents the forwarding, copying; downloading or printing of sent messages; and even the disappearance of automatic e-mails deleted after a period of time defined by the user.


Google changes the appearance of Gmail to fight Microsoft’s giant Outlook
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