Change Hotmail to Outlook, Is it a good decision?

Change Hotmail to Outlook Hi, as we know, Hotmail doesn´t exist anymore, now all the people who use this platform to read mail will use Outlook, the new version of the old Hotmail, I am sure that all of us have in mind the good things that Hotmail give us, he would be in the memory all the life.

A lot of people start with Hotmail, create his first mail account, receive and send mails with this, connect to messenger through Hotmail; and a lot of memories more, for this reason Outlook.

Has taken all the good things that Hotmail offer to us, instead of launch Hotmail 2013, Microsoft decide to renew all to the platform called Outlook; this new system suppose a revolution in the way we read a mail.

Change Hotmail to Outlook, Is it a good decision?

There is a lot of extraordinary projects for this new platform, SkyDrive, Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter and probably all the possibilities to the service of the user, in only one mail address. Easy to access and compatibility with all systems, very important the compatibility with Windows 8, the base of this project for Microsoft, from your operative system you could send and receive the email in your inbox.

We don´t have doubts that all the people who are reading this article, probably already have an Outlook account, but if you don´t have yet we invite you to join this platform and begin to enjoy all the benefits this will provide. Enter in the section to Sign In Outlook and follow the simple steps I explain to you, in a few minutes you can get access to this extraordinary program.

One thing you must know, you can choose which address you want to work, and this could be

Change Hotmail to Outlook, is the new Hotmail

For your own security I recommend take all the necessary time to answer all the question about you in the sign up section, this would be useful in case you lost your account or forget your password.

Because you have more easy demonstrate to Outlook that the account belongs to you, you can send them your phone number so they can send a message with a code to recover the account.

This Mail System Platform launched by Microsoft, is completely free and they put all the efforts to make a perfect system who could be used for anybody, easy to manage just like Hotmail was for all the users, a new and cool feature of Microsoft Outlook is Skype in the inbox, this would duplicate the popularity of this system along the mail users.

Microsoft Outlook has launch this mail system in all format, Windows 8, Windows Phone, Android, and more, so you can read the new mail everywhere, and don´t have to wait until you go home and open this in the PC.

In conclusion, the new system launch by Microsoft; Outlook is the new Hotmail, but with much more benefits for the users, more easy to use; intuitive, compatible, complete, in all the cases Outlook is the best program you can use to read your mail actually.

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