Google and your privacy

Google is omnipresent on the Internet (search engines, Android, Gmail, …). Not without knowing that Google is collecting all possible information about you (the sites you visit, geographical position, your orders, your searches, …)

Your information is sold to advertisers and this is why they see the ads of sofas appear after having looked at the price of sofas on a website.

Google and your privacy
Google and your privacy

In this article, you will see what Google knows about you and how to erase and deactivate the recording of your data by Google. The purpose of this tutorial, to regain control of your privacy on the Internet and to regain control of your personal data.

Step 1: My activity


First of all, we will see all the personal data that Google has saved. Go to the My Google activity web page. Click on CONNECT


On this page you can see all of your activity on Google, sorted by date. Be curious and look at all the information that Google itself


Click Delete operations by … in the menu on the left


A new window opens, click on the arrow next to “today”


Click on the drop-down menu in the period


Click on the Remove button


A message appears warning you that the data will be erased and that some services will no longer be as effective. Select the check box to not show and click on the ACCEPT button


A new window appears, click on the DELETE button

Step 2: Disable the storage of your data


Now that your data has been removed, Google will be told not to save your data

Go to Control activity


The page includes the registration of your data by topic. You may be curious and see what Google stores about you


To disable the recording of an activity by Google, click on the blue button


A confirmation message appears, click twice on DISABLE


Do the same for the other activities


Step 3: Targeting the ads


Google puts us in these ads, which allows you to send the ads that may be of interest to you

To go to the Guidance site on Google

Once connected to your Google account, click on the green button, in the Interest-based Ads section, to disable targeting

A message informs you that you will always see the ads in different places on the Internet, but the announcements will be general and not specifically for you

Click on DISABLE

Even if you have not logged in to your Google account, the ads can be personalized with your cookies.


This page is similar to the previous one, with the difference that these are for the ads when you are not connected to Google

Click on the green button, to turn off the orientation, and then, in the new window, click on DISABLE

Step 4: Historical background of the position

Google also saves its geographical position is, it knows where you live, where you work, in what stores to go shopping, …

Go to My Google activity

Click on Other Google activity


You can see all trips that Google has registered

Click on the recycle bin to delete the registered routes and geographical locations

A message appears informing you that you are going to supprmer the history of your positions

Check the box I understand and I can confirm the elimination of the entire history of the positions


The history has been deleted, click on ACCEPT

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