How to make email id Gmail

How to make email id, is a question that many of the users of electronic mail are made; and is that the ID must be created considering many important factors.

Create email account, is a repetitive activity among users, but in many occasions when choosing our Gmail ID; it happens that, this has already been used by another person. Here we will help you a little to carry out the right choice.

These tips, also serve if you want to create email Hotmail; or any other provider, are not exclusive to Gmail.

How to make email id Gmail
How to make email id Gmail

Create email Gmail

As you already know, for the creation of our Gmail account, you must enter the main site:, then look for the option to create a new account, and finally fill out a form with all the requested information.

The problem to know how to make email id of Gmail, is usually complicated when we never find the right one, and this makes us unable to create our account. A good Gmail ID, must have the following:

  • It can be a mixture of your initials, with the allowed characters, and even some number.
  • You can choose a number that identifies you, such as your year of birth. For example, if you are called “Juan Carlos Rodríguez”, and you were born in 1992, you could choose as ID: “jcr_1992”. We do not know if it is available, but it is a good example.
  • You must be very creative when create free email account, this will allow you to obtain the ideal ID.

    create ID of Gmail
    create ID of Gmail

Email account free

Most providers offer a free service that gives you access to many functions, or all the services offered by the company, the same goes with Google Gmail. How to make email ID is very easy, as long as you do it correctly.

How to make email id Gmail
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