How to open the electronic mail (e-mail) on the internet?

The electronic mail is a type of electronic regular mail. The only difference between email and regular mail is that it works on the electronic network. In this publication, we will discuss the steps to open e-mail on the Internet. First, we briefly mentioned the possibilities of e-mail.

By using email, you can send and receive letters and files (attachments) to people who have email: people, organizations, businesses, etc. In the email the size of the sent file is limited.

Almost everywhere, email is used: when opening an account on websites, to access the system, to confirm a code with a website sent, to link an account to an email, etc. In addition, when filling out several forms, we request email. In times of growth and prosperity of technology, it is considered ideal to use email.

How to open the electronic mail (e-mail) on the internet
How to open the electronic mail (e-mail) on the internet

How to open the email?

  1. First decide the choice of the website (domain). The email opens in a specific site. For example, the largest and most popular senders: Gmail.

The name of the email consists of two parts, these parts are separated by the symbol “@”. Before the “@” symbol is the name of the mail, that is, the login, after the “@” symbol is the name of the site that provides the mail service.

For example: – here “ata” is the login, that is, the name of the email, “” is the website (also the domain) where the email was opened, that is, the site that provides the mail service. On the Internet there are hundreds of sites that offer mail services.

  • After logging in to the desired website, click on the button (link) to open the email (register email).
  • A small form will open and you will be asked to complete it.
  • Fill in the form correctly. The questionnaire will ask for your personal information: name, surname, username and password (which you invented yourself), date of birth, address, etc. Also in many questionnaires ask your mobile phone number. If you specify a mobile phone, if you lose your email password, you can recover it by confirming the SMS sent to your mobile phone from the site.
  • After completing the form, click on the button and your email is now open. Go to the email and take a look.
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