How to correctly delete the Yandex mailbox, mail, ru and gmail

How to get out of Yandex email on a computer that most newbies do not know. Today we will analyze this problem in detail and learn how to exit Yandex mail, Gmail, Mail pv on a computer and phone.

Why do you need to know how to get out of any email?

Hello friends Most of us use email. That is, those users who have decided to work on the Internet, and simply use it as a means to obtain knowledge and seek information.

The email is of different types. For example, you can use Yandex mail, mail and Gmail. Without it, it is difficult to work on the internet. For example, without mail it is impossible to register in several services (YouTube, Google Doc) and so on. The question arises, why do you need to leave the mail? It’s about the security of your personal data. If they fall into the hands of unknown users, this is not good. Of course, almost all popular browsers offer us to save passwords on them. And, undoubtedly, it is convenient, it is not necessary that you enter every time.

Correct email output is an opportunity to protect your saved data, such as logins and passwords in the browser you use. Next, we will consider the question of how to get out of Yandex mail and other mail services.

How to delete mail, Gmail account on your computer

And so, if you want to delete your email or account (gmail) account on your computer, you should do the following:

  1. Go to your account settings:;
  2. Click on “Disable services and delete account”, as shown in the screenshot below (or you can go to a direct link:
  3. On the page that opens, there will be 2 items that offer to delete services or accounts and data. Consequently, if you want to delete the mailbox, you must select the first item. If you need to get rid of your entire Google account, then the second;

  4. After clicking on any of the items, you must re-login to your Google account: enter your username and password.
  5. If you chose point 1 (delete services), this page will open: 
    as you can see in the screenshot, I use 3 services: YouTube and Gmail. Using the cart icon to the right of the service name, you can delete the corresponding service.
  6. Click on the cart in front of Gmail and that’s it! The Gmail email service will no longer be available, all emails will be deleted automatically.
  7. The second point will take you to the page to delete the entire Google account and all the services associated with it.

It is worth noting that to delete your account, email, Gmail or any other Google service, you will need access to your profile. Without a username and password, this will not work. If you forgot your Gmail username and password, the first thing to do is to retrieve access on the page:

You should also know that you can restore a deleted Gmail address, as long as you have recently deleted it. You can do so by following the instructions on the page:  

If you do not restore it for a short period, your Gmail account will be permanently deleted.

How to delete a mailbox in Yandex?

Deleting the email in Yandex will not imply deleting the entire account, as was the case with To delete a mailbox, you must go to the configuration and the “Delete” link   that is located at the bottom:

On the page to delete the mail, you must specify the current password in the box and click on the “Delete” button:

As a result, all correspondence contained in it will be deleted and, of course, new mail will not enter it. However, after you delete the mailbox, you can still use your Yandex account. If you also want to delete it, go to this page and use the “Delete account” link   below:

How to delete the gmail account or the mail from the Android phone

Incredible but true! To delete an email or gmail account from a phone or tablet on Android, you must do the same:

  1. Go to the section “Disable services and delete an account”:
  2. Follow the instructions in the first part of the article.

How to delete mail in

Not long ago, I published a fairly extensive article about the updated email and the nuances of working with it. It is true, to mention there about the elimination of the mailbox, I forgot. Now is the time to correct this error. To delete mail in you must  go to a special page  :

Note that along with the mail (correspondence, address book, calendar), your social network account “” will also be deleted, and you will lose access to the question and answer service. If you do not see anything wrong with this, enter the reason that led you to want to delete the box, enter the captcha characters and then click the “Delete” button   .

If suddenly, after the deletion, you change your mind, there is always the possibility to  restore your mailbox in  , simply by entering your name and password in the main page.

It is true that in this way you will receive a completely empty box (without mail or contacts), and all the information stored in the services related to will be lost. In fact, in this way it only restores the login of your account, but otherwise, it creates it again. Therefore, I urge once again to be careful with the deletion, because there really will be no way to retrieve the information.

How to get out of Gmail

When you sign in to your Gmail account, you will see a round icon for your account on the right side of your Google browser, without a photo. Click on it to select the “Exit” button (Figure 2).

Then, after leaving the mail, you can try again and see your emails. Sometimes, when you click on the “Exit” button, a problem occurs. In this case, delete history cookies can help us.

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What happens if you delete your Gmail account on Android?

If you delete Gimail on your Android device, then:

This is how you can easily and permanently delete your account or the mailbox.

I hope this guide has been useful.

How to get out of email Gmail, Yandex and Mile on Android

On Android, a completely different functionality to manage mail services. For this, we will use the phone settings to log out of your Gmail, Yandex and Mail account. We need to temporarily delete the profile of the phone and, at the same time, we will leave these accounts.

Then, click on the “Settings” phone, then “Accounts” and search for registered mail services at this time. To exit them, click on the “Delete account” button. In this way, we will leave the mail service that we have selected.


So, we learned how to get out of the Yandex email on a computer and phone. It is also considered a way out of other mail services: Gmail and Mail Ru. As you can see everything is simple. Use this instruction and your mailbox data will be safe. Good luck to your friends!

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