How to access Gmail account

How to access Gmail account: Gmail is a Webmail considered one of the most watched in the world. Among its main characteristics; is the number of applications available. Among them, there are different ways to access Google services.

After all, with a single email address in Gmail it is possible to use all the free functions, the problem is that with so many opportunities within the same tool; that some people are confused about how to access.

You want to know, how to access Gmail account. So; observe below: Everything you need to know

Here you will learn to access Gmail on the official website (it does not take five minutes), the fastest ways to check your emails; first, how to see unread email messages; and learn some configuration options, and excellent services to optimize time on a day-to-day basis; but even users of Gmail years do not even know. Do not miss it!

How to recover the forgotten Gmail password

  1. Visit the official site Gmail and write your email in the field of the application
  2. Click on the button below “forgot password?”

    Recover your Gmail account
    Recover your Gmail account
  3. Google will ask for the most recent password you remember. Write and click Next. In case you do not know, click on the blue button below “try another question”
  4. Continue to answer what Google asks and he will explain the procedure necessary for you to recover your password and your Gmail account safely
  5. It is possible that Gmail sends a verification code to your phone through SMS. Type in the field in which you request and click on ENTER. You can choose the option for him to call you, so you will receive a call, which will give instructions for password recovery
  6. You will have to create a new password and write it twice
  7. After it is created, you must confirm your new password. For this, you will be redirected to the Gmail homepage again and you will be able to test your new login information. If it does not work, repeat the entire procedure. When the browser does not redirect to the home page, automatically search for the website address again:

    choose a way to recover your Gmail account
    choose a way to recover your Gmail account

Tip: The first time you enter Gmail; the browser will open a box in the upper right corner, asking if you want the browser to save your password. If you click “YES” each time you access the Gmail website again; you will not have to write your password, it will automatically enter your account, so it avoids oversights or access difficulties.

Even so, it is recommended that you remember or let the password be indicated somewhere, since the browser can delete the browsing data and the so-called cookies (memory of the tools) and automatically lose the saved passwords.

Sign in Gmail in the application

The Gmail application has many advantages besides desktop PC. When the application is installed for the first time; the configuration you want is chosen in relation to the email updates.

If you select update, it means that every new email message; received in your Gmail inbox, the application will store your messages automatically.

So, when you can read your email messages offline; excellent option to see the news during queues, waiting for queries and other options.

Another advantage of the Gmail application are the notifications on your cell phone; every time a new email message arrives in your Gmail inbox; with this you are much more alert.

Even in the moments that you are focused on other activities. Also, you have all the important documents in the palm of your hand on your mobile device

install gmail in your smartphone
install gmail in your smartphone

Take a look at how to sign in to Gmail from your cell phone

  1. Go to Google Play, Play Store or Apple Store on your cell phone and type the word Gmail
  2. Install the application
  3. At the end of the download, open the application and set up your account
  4. Enter your access data (login and password) and click OK
  5. Wait to load and go, you will have access to your account by cell phone
install Gmail in your smartphone
install Gmail in your smartphone

If you want to add a new account in the Gmail application; to make it easier to control (personnel and work, for example), just click on the top left menu; and then in “Add a new Gmail account”, enter an email address and password and it will be saved.

Afterwards, you can configure the application; so that one of the addresses is the main input tray.

Gmail security tips

Despite saving your password in your browser’s cookies; this is not recommended in case you use shared machines.

Do not have the access passwords on your cell phone, much less on the machines for public use; since in these cases, whenever any person accesses the official Gmail website; and all the sites that are connected to the Google account; You will have access to your saved account, being able to use information inappropriately or steal your account.

How to create an account in Gmail

Entering Gmail is very simple, it does not take 5 minutes to make the account. Today, even if you have an email address from another server; Having an email from Google is almost essential to be able to access all the other Google services.

See the tutorial below; on how to create an account in Gmail easily and free through the internet:

  1. Visit the official site by clicking on the link: or search the search bar you will be automatically redirected to the official Gmail website
  2. Click on the button “Create an account”
  3. Complete the information requested, according to your personal data; and go pressing the buttons that indicate to move forward. On this page you will have to choose your username and password; data that cannot be modified. Therefore, always choose one that is more in agreement with what you are desiring; and do not forget to write down this information in a safe place. So, in case you forget you can resort to the notes; instead of performing the account recovery procedures.
  4. Once all this is done, Google will ask you for a phone number; so, you can send a code through SMS (message). Open the message and write the code in the indicated field. This procedure is part of Google’s security structure; thus, avoiding accounts created by machines; in order to create virus or spam.

How to facilitate the entry in Gmail

If you have constant difficulties to access the Gmail page; It has some tips that can facilitate this task, so you do not have to search every time you want to access it.

  • Add the link in your favorites bar; so, you just have to click on the icon, every time you want to use it
  • You can set your browser to open the first page on the Gmail website
  • You can set your browser to open a new tab with the Gmail website page

Be careful when creating your account on

If this is the first time you are entering or accessing Gmail with your own account; You have to know, that the browser can automatically save your password by mistake.

If the equipment or machine in which it was registered is used by more people; it means that when they have access to Gmail; Your open account will appear automatically. To avoid this, make sure you left your account before ending the use of the internet; or use the incognito tabs to access your email.

Incognito tabs are exempt from saving any navigation data, and do not leave traces of your navigation in your browser. This type of guide can only be opened through Google Chrome.

To do so, simply open the Chrome browser, and simultaneously press the CTRL + SHIFT + N keys, be redirected to an incognito tab, there you can access Gmail without having to worry about having to disregard it after use, since when closing the incognito tab, he will not save anything.

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