Google account for Gmail, Create account new account in pc and Android

Google account for Gmail : In order to fully utilize all the capabilities and services of the world’s largest search engine, Google, you must first register. 

What will the creation of a Google Account give you ? First, get a free email account on, the best email server in the world. 

Second, full access to popular services such as YouTube, Drive, maps, social media blogger, Hangouts messenger. And this is only a small part of the variety available.

How to Create a Gmail Account

Google account for Gmail, Create account new account in pc and Android
Google account for Gmail, Create account new account in pc and Android

To create a Google account for Gmail on a computer or laptop, you must first go to the search engine site. In the upper right corner of the screen there will be a “Login” button. 

Click on the. Then, the system will automatically take us to the page: 
It will help us to register with Google: click on the “Create an account” link.

We open the registration window in Google. First you must enter information about yourself: last name and first name.

Next, you should find the email id new account , that is, the login with which you will log in to Google. In combination, it is also an account in Gmail and YouTube.

Now you need to specify your date of birth and mobile phone. You can ask, and why specify a cell number, if you can specify the alternate email address. Yes, you can and so! 

But two-factor authentication is the most reliable, modern and convenient way to guarantee the security of your data. 

If you accidentally lose or forget your password, again, with the help of an “associated” mobile phone, you can restore access in a matter of minutes, if you forgot your password or the Google login.

That’s almost everything: enter the characters of the image in the field below it (this is done to protect against automatic registration), check to mark the conditions and click on the “Next” button. 

That’s all the creation of the account has been completed, enter the password and use it with pleasure.

Google account for Gmail for Android

On the phone and smartphones in the Android operating system, you also need to create a Google account. 

  1. First of all, this is necessary to be able to use the online store of Play Store applications and games without interference. To do this, you must go to the device settings and open the “Accounts” section
  2. Click on the “Add” button. This menu will open
  3. Select the Google element. Start the special wizard. In it you must select the link “Create a new Google account”
  4. It works on smartphones in the same way as We record the data about ourselves – the Name and the Surname
  5. Choose a login (username) that will be used to enter the search engine, email and Play Market
  6. Then, you must create a secure password to enter
  7. Now you must specify your phone number, which will be linked to the account
  8. Why have I mentioned before? I would not recommend skipping this step. Click on “Next” and answer this window
  9. We confirm that our number by entering an SMS code. Almost everything You just have to accept the terms of use of the services of the largest media portal
  10. In the last window, the user name will be displayed and the access password will be specified.

That’s it, your Google account was created successfully. You can use it to synchronize smartphone contacts, install programs through Play Store, use Google-Disk, YouTube, MAPS and other useful services.

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