Gmail verification code password recovery

Gmail verification code password recovery: Google offers some security measures for its users in case their access credentials are stolen. The best known and most effective of these is two-step authentication, however, there is a way for the user to access their Google account even without having access to the verification code sent to their registered device.

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This problem occurs when the user loses his smartphone or another device that serves as an agent to confirm his identity, making access difficult.

Gmail verification code password recovery
Gmail verification code password recovery

This alternative method to recover the account is by means of codes generated in the configuration page. To configure them, follow the step by step to follow.

Step Gmail verification code password recovery

Step 1. Go to the Google Authentication page, sign in with your password. You will find the two-step configuration section. Look for the option “Alternative Codes” and click on “Settings” below.

Step 2. Google will then display a list with several codes that can be used for the user to log in; when necessary. It is recommended that you print or write down the codes; and passwords and keep a version of this copy stored next to the important documents to be used in an emergency.

Each of these codes can only be used once; which means that you will have a limited number of additional accesses.

Step 3. When logging in to Google, usually type in the username and password. Next, on the next screen; you will be asked to enter one of the emergency codes that have been generated in the configuration.

Ready! You will have access to your account again and in case you have changed the phone number; reconfigure the authentication in two steps.

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