Gmail sign in add account: sign in my account

Gmail sign in add account Having an email, is one of the best features that we can take advantage of the internet, fortunately there is a large number of providers that offer us the possibility to make use of all its features and options, and among the most prominent we can mention the service of Gmail sign in add account.

Through your Gmail email, you have the option to enjoy an intelligent inbox, which is full of multiple benefits for you, among which we can highlight a better organization of all your email messages, since emails that are very important, are not going to mix with social network or other types of emails.

Gmail sign in add account: sign in my account

To be able to Gmail sign in add account, below, we will give you the steps you will need:

  • The first thing you have to do is enter your browser of your choice, as the Gmail Login service is provided by the most famous search engine company in the world (ie Google), they recommend you use Google Chrome, which it works better with Gmail, however, the browser option that you are going to use is yours alone.
  • Now, go to the address bar, and in it you have to type the following, and then you must wait for the page to load completely.
  • Now you will see the main Gmail email page and you must go to the button that appears in the upper corner of the right side. There appears the option to login.
  • Now you will see a box in which you are asked for the Gmail email, to be able to use the Gmail sign in add account service, you must enter it and then click on the button that says “Next”
  • Immediately you are going to request the personal key that you used when creating your Gmail account, remember that it is sensitive to uppercase and lowercase letters, for this reason you must be very careful when entering it and especially verify that lock of uppercase letters on your keyboard is not activated.
  • Below is another very interesting option that says: “do not close session”, you should only use it if you have a strictly personal computer, if it is a public or personal computer, then do not use it when you do Gmail sign in add account, because otherwise other people could see the content of your account.
  • When you have finished entering the data correctly, then it is time to click on the blue button that says: “Log in”, and then you must wait until you have made use of Gmail sign in add account, that is, the login to your Gmail account.

Immediately you will be transferred to your Gmail email inbox, and as you can see, there are several very interesting things to highlight.

Features we have to Gmail Login

You will notice that the emails are separated by means of tabs located at the top of the screen, there is one that says “Main”, this is where you receive all the emails that other recipients send you; we also have the “Social” tab, here the messages that are sent to you from social networks accumulate; and finally we have the tab that says “Promotions”, in which all the bulletins to which you have subscribed fall.

Gmail sign in add account, is the action of logging into your Gmail account, and with it you can access all the services that Google has, which without a doubt you will love it a lot and you will be able to Enjoy the most with your Gmail account.

Gmail sign in add account: sign in my account
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