Gmail read receipt: We will know who has not read our emails

Gmail read receipt: I can say with confidence that today, December 2018, the best way to find out if the respondent received his email sent from Gmail is an extension to the Mailtrack browser.

I will not waste you and my time in revisions of other deficiencies. Yes, this is not perfect either, but inside the free version solves the problem. And now, a little more about the pros and cons of Mailtrack.

The application has a set of features that are provided free of charge; see clearly what you will get inside that installation.

Information about the recipient by reading the letter sent from Gmail.

Gmail read receipt: We will know who has not read our emails
Gmail read receipt: We will know who has not read our emails

After installing the browser extension in the upper right corner, the corresponding icon with the inscription “Free” appears. Also in the Gmail interface, green checkmarks appear in the Sent Mail folder and in the general folder list (on the left), next to the Sent Mail folder.

The check boxes that are not highlighted in green indicate in this case that the letters were sent:

  • From the mobile device and the reading notification will not be provided, because in the mobile device the service works only in the paid version.
  • from a laptop but with the Mailtrack extension disabled

In both cases there will be no delivery notification.

Gmail read receipt, Gmail email receipt notification

To quickly verify if your recipient has read it, just go to the Sent Items folder.

  • Email messages that have not yet been read by the recipient have a single brand, and those that have been read have a double mark.
  • To know the moment of reception, simply place the mouse over those double check boxes. In the pop-up window, you will receive information about when the respondent opened your letter for the first time and how many times you opened it up to that point.

The first notification of the email by the respondent was accompanied by information in the same popup window, on the type of device (operating system) from which the letter was read.

Also, in the extension settings, you can enable the email read receipt. Then, when the recipient opens the letter sent from Gmail, you will receive an email with the corresponding notification. Why this may be necessary?

  • First of all, it’s convenient, you do not need to go specifically to the Sent Items folder and look there in the list of letters that interest you.
  • And secondly, the free version does not imply the use of a mobile device. That is, if you want to know exactly when the recipient opened the letter, you must send the letter from the laptop, but you can receive a reading notice on both the laptop and the mobile device.

Is it possible to use Gmail to find out if the recipient is reading an email message?

Free no. Here is the response of the service itself: the readings are available only in  the  Gmail corporate  accounts  .

Does the recipient know that he is following his actions?

No, you do not know if you delete the corresponding message in the body of the letter. This is what it looks like:

Tracking message received by email sent from Gmail

The program automatically inserts a message into the text of each letter. In the free version, you can delete it manually by clicking on the red cross. It is true that you will immediately receive a pop-up window, with a proposal to upgrade to the paid version of the program. Close the window is another click. If there are not many letters, then, in principle, it is not that difficult.

In the paid version, messages are not inserted in the letter.

How to avoid tracking notification of emails?

Go to the mail settings and disable the automatic display of the received images. And, consequently, when opening a letter, do not allow to open images. Google verifies images in terms of security, and suspicious images are blocked, but! Here is Google’s help:

Google on tracking the receipt of a letter to Gmail

What should I do if I do not need to keep track of all the emails I send with Gmail?

Very simple The extension can be activated and deactivated. All the letters that you send when the extension is enabled will be tracked by the service and you will receive the corresponding notifications.

The letters that are sent when the extension is disabled will not be tracked.

The principle of work here is really simple. The service, when it sends a letter, inserts a single pixel image. At the moment of opening the letter, the image opens, it is fixed on the Mailtrack server, so it receives the necessary information.

Just in case, for those who rarely use extensions, I remind you how to get to them:

Gmail read receipt Chrome browser extensions

Turn it on or off, you guessed it, you can simply move the slider to the left or to the right:


Advantages of the program: 

  1. The extension provides complete information about the time of receipt of the letter sent from Gmail.
  2. You can see the type of device from which the recipient opened the letter.
  3. You can see how many times the recipient opened the letter.

Cons of the free version:

  1. The advertising service is inserted into the text of the letter and must be removed manually.

Use proven solutions!

Gmail read receipt: Many corporate email services allow you to include notifications about the fact of receiving and reading the letter. But, unfortunately, the Gmail service does not yet contain such a convenient feature by default. To solve this problem, you can use a special extension that is installed in the Google Chrome browser.

This is a small and very simple extension of MailTrack, which adds to the Gmail interface the tick that we are familiar with modern messengers, which indicates successful delivery and reading of the letter.
To activate it, click HERE. After that, in a separate tab, the page of the Chrome online store will open with the extension we need, in which we will be enthusiastic about the “INSTALL” command
Then we go through the standard installation procedure by clicking on the “install extension” command in the window that appears:

After installation, a separate tab will automatically open to synchronize the extension with your Gmail mail (you must go through three synchronization steps, as shown in the images below):
In the last synchronization step, select the free version (FREE):

And enjoy the result

On the “Sent” tab, next to each letter, two check boxes will appear. A green means that the letter was delivered correctly, and when both boxes turn green, it means that the letter has already been read.
The only BUT, this method does not work in cases where the sender of the recipient blocks the display of the images in the body of the letter. I need to keep that in mind.

Also, after installing the extension, a small signature will appear on the letters you send, discretely announcing MailTrack. To delete it manually before sending a letter, simply click on the red cross next to it.

Now, using the Gmail mail service should be even more convenient for you! Successes! And a large percentage of readings to your cards!

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