Gmail attachment limit

Gmail attachment limit: If we need to send a file from our computer or from our smartphone to someone; the e-mail is our first option.

We do not immediately think about the use of Dropbox or Google Drive, no; the first thing we think about the e-mail and we do not realize that we are going to send “large” attachments. Many times we could not because we exceeded the allowed limit.

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Now, Google announced that the rules have changed in regards to the size of Gmail attachment limit.

Gmail attachment limit
Gmail attachment limit

Gmail attachment limit 2018

If you think that Gmail should allow larger attachments, know that Google has decided to change the rules and announced the modification of the size of the files that can be received by e-mail.

The limit goes from 25MB to 50MB. Uncomfortably, the maximum size that we can send still remains at 25MB.

Google is still very attached to the idea that people use the cloud, in particular; its Google Drive, to send large files, but also knows that users have to find other solutions to send the files are going to be used other Google services; such as Wetransfer or others equally known.

The photos have more and more resolution; people share more videos and presentations in your day to day work and e-mail is the first option.

Therefore, this new feature may be an indicator that Google is aware of these needs. The company reports that this change in the size of the received files will be spread by all accounts in the next three days.

Just keep in mind that your Gmail e-mail box has a limit of 15 GB; and if you are not careful with what you receive, in the Gmail attachment limit with 50MB, you will quickly run out of space.

Therefore, it is a good measure but to be really useful it must be in conjunction with the storage space; and the possibility of sending it also through Gmail.

Gmail attachment limit
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