Enable 2-step authentication Google Account www google com

Being able to put Enable 2-step authentication in my Google account, can prevent other people from having unauthorized access to the user account, in case people could get to find out the key. The person who knows the password will not be able to enter in the same way. We are talking about a verification that is only offered through codes in the mobile phone.

What I need for google 2 step verification?

Google 2 step verification: A mobile is needed that can allow a code to be received by voice call or text message, or it could also be an iPhone, BlackBerry or Android. The devices use Google Authenticator, and in this way they generate a verification code.

It is the same user who has to put “Enable 2-step authentication“, and then make the selection of the way in which he is thinking about receiving the code through his mobile phone, it can be through the Google Authenticator application, or also through a text message or voice call. All this will also depend on the provider, and even the location is taken into account.

They are given as a recommendation to users who have a smart mobile phone, who can do the installation of Google Authenticator, this way codes are generated without having an internet connection.

use Google authenticator for protect your Gmail
use Google authenticator for protect your Gmail

On the next occasion, in which a user proceeds to try to access your Google account, either by a browser, a device, etc …, always ask you to enter the username and password, but just after that , a page will appear, here you have to enter the activation code.

This verification offers much more security compared to other systems, and definitely can protect your account from any access that is not authorized.

Enable 2-step authentication Google Account www google com
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