Create account in Gmail fast, step by step tutorial

Create account in Gmail fast: If you do not have a Gmail email account, this tutorial will serve you well, so to create new email account you will only need a few steps.

Which we will show you here, the important thing that I can tell you is that Gmail mail is an account of Google.

Where you will find many necessary applications for your devices, as well as in this time mobile devices, both Smartphone and Tablet, you will need an email account to use different applications that are in Google Play.

For this reason it is very important that you have an email that is Gmail; taking this I will give you the tutorial as detailed as possible so you can have a more or less clear idea of ​​how to create a Gmail Google account.

How to Create account in gmail fast

  1. Let’s start, in order to create the account, you must enter the address, which is
  2. Followed by this you will find a form, which you must fill out with your personal data, these must be true, so that in a case that you can not enter, you can easily enter remembering everything you will put.
  3. In the form you will find that it asks for your name and your surnames, these are in two separate parts.
  4. User Name: Here is the name of your email address that you will have; you can use the one you want, the only inconvenience that you will have in this part, is that if the address already exists, you will not be able to use it.

You will have to look for another address or modify a bit the one you want. For example, it is possible that is in use, but with only using a number at the end you can have the account free and it would be more or less like. at this time is free, with only one number would be all right.

  • Password: This is a very important part, and many of us do not think about the consequence of having a very weak password.

For weak we can say that they put the date of birth; your name, an address and anything you know that more than one person who lives with you or are friends or family knows.

Then this will be very harmful, passwords have to be difficult to guess; for example: h1r3 @ ee3 # d &, if you look at this password it has nothing to do with anything;  the hard part is to learn it, but it is necessary so that nobody can enter your account.

  • The other sections are only, the date of birth, sex, mobile phone and if you have an email from another company; you can add it to your current email address.
  • Then you go to another step where it will tell you that you can enter your inbox.

As you can see it is an easy way to create your Gmail email.

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