Create a @gmail account. Why do I need to create Gmail?

Create a @gmail account: To begin with, If you are promoting your site or offering such services to customers, you simply cannot do without your Google account. In addition, Gmail is the most advanced and secure. Let’s find out how to create a Gmail email and a Google account.

Why do I need to create Gmail?

The Gmail offers a very convenient interface, which is not inferior to desktop email clients like Outlook. Gmail Mail is available absolutely from any device. Both through the web version, and mobile applications for Android, iPhone, etc.

Create a @gmail account. Why do I need to create Gmail

Another reason I recommend creating a Gmail email is its excellent protection against spam. For example, tons of spam arrive in my mailbox. Spam reaches Gmail very rarely, since its main part is protected.

Creating Gmail is about creating a Google account. And a Google account opens many possibilities: you can add a site to the Google Search Console, create your own YouTube channel, or using Google AdSense for monetize a site with Google AdSense.

Sign up in Gmail: Create a @gmail account

To begin with, we go to the site and we are on the landing page. The big red “Create account” button speaks for itself.

We fill in all fields according to the purpose of registration. If you create a personal account, do contextual advertising, or want to obtain a Google AdWords certificate, enter real personal information, as it will be shown in the Partners profile and in your certificate. 

If an account is created solely for business purposes, for example, for an AdWords account of a specific project, you can leave the accuracy of personal data.

Since Google Mail is very popular, most of the beautiful addresses are already busy. But email addresses can use dots, so you can check a box for the domain of your site. Such an address is unlikely to be occupied. For example,

Mobile Phone y Alternative email in Gmail

Pay attention to the mobile phone and alternative email fields. You can skip the phone (but it is better to specify a personal account), although Google may require you to enter a number if a suspicious activity is detected on your IP (several mailbox records in a row). 

I always advise you to specify the alternative email, so you can recover your forgotten password. It is clear that there must be an alternative email and you must have access to it, as you will receive an email with a confirmation code.

Upload with a complex password. Any QWERTY and 12345 is just a gift for lovers of hacking other people’s accounts. The password must be complex, contain uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. 

If you find it difficult to find a password, use the KeePass service. It generates and stores complex passwords, so you do not need to memorize or write them.

If you have completed all the fields correctly, a welcome window will open, in all possible ways, praising Gmail. In the mailbox there will be a couple of messages that say that you are a new user of Google Mail and that you can now transfer all your mail from other mailboxes here.

Customize Gmail: Create a @gmail account

So, he managed to Create a @gmail account email and a Google account, now he has a treasured box. 

If you plan to use your account for other purposes, for example, to collect semantics in AdWords in the KeyCollector program, or simply need a box to participate in people marketing (sign up for forums), you can skip the settings completely. 

If you plan to work closely with the mail, you need to distinguish a few more points.

Gmail interface: Create a @gmail account

The correspondence in Gmail can be divided into several tabs, headings.

  • Unclassified: Letters that do not fall on the other tabs
  • Social network: Here get notifications from social networks, etc.
  • Promotions: here you get all kinds of advertising emails, for which you had the imprudence to subscribe;
  • Alerts: Here come the automatic notifications about payments, invoices, etc.
  • Forums: Here come the alerts of the forums, bulletins, etc.

By default, only 3 are enabled. You can activate or deactivate the rest by clicking on the plus sign to the right of the extreme tab.

As practice shows, a Gmail does not always correctly determine which tab to place a particular mail. For example, in the “Promotion” can come from your favorite blogs. And in the “Social Networks” tab there are Google Analytics notifications.

You can drag emails from one tab to another. You will see a window with the question “Do you always put the letters of this address in this tab? ” Feel free to click on “Yes”.

When you have finished configuring the tabs, you can proceed to the selection of the theme for the box.

Gmail signature

You can add a signature that will be automatically added to the end of the sent emails. To do this, click on the gear icon in the upper left corner of the mail interface. In the menu that opens, select “Settings”. Scroll down the page until you see the “Signature” item.

If you use email to communicate with clients and colleagues, it is best to complete the field with official data. For example, you can specify your name, phone number and position.

Import and export emails in Gmail

You can transfer your contacts and correspondence in other mailboxes to Gmail. To do this, go to the ” Accounts and import” tab in the configuration and perform the appropriate configuration.

  • Import mail and contacts: Here you can specify from which box to transfer contacts and correspondence. This is done only for existing emails, that is, new messages will not be transferred automatically;
  • Add an email account: here you can specify the box from which the email will be imported. Naturally, you must have access to this box. You can configure the mail collection of several old or service mailboxes by combining all correspondence into one.

Topics in Gmail

Moreover, if you want to change the standard white Google email theme, open the ” Themes” tab in the settings. There, click on “Install theme” and select your favorite option.


In conclusion, as you can see, Google Mail is a powerful tool. Not in vain, it is one of the most popular in the world, competing only with Hotmail. 

But in the CIS, this mail, few people use it. Some customers even refuse to work with the contractor if their work box is not in the mail, but, for example, in the mail. The absence of a Gmail mailbox is a type of frivolity marker for the artist. 

Especially in the field of computing or marketing. But even for everyday life this post is the best option. Thanks to the level of security and protection against spam.

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