Access Gmail offline

Gmail offline: Either way, using Gmail with email involves a mandatory Internet connection. Without connecting to the network, it is impossible to see incoming mail or write new letters.

This is, of course, you can write them, but only in the Gmail interface; and in Word or some other text editor. Then, when the Internet connection is restored; the prepared text can be copied to Gmail and sent to the recipient. But there is a smarter way to manage your Gmail emails offline.

By installing and configuring an extension without a special Gmail connection, you can read, edit, delete and create messages offline. Any changes you make to the offline version of Gmail will be automatically synchronized when you connect to the Internet.

Access Gmail offline
Access Gmail offline

The Gmail Offline application is implemented as an add-on for Google Chrome, it has a simple and convenient user interface in other languages. You can download and install it through the Google Store.

To configure the extension, open a new tab and click on the icon in the form of a blue envelope. In addition, you will be offered to enable mail without connection and continue with the administration of the contents of the mailbox. Please note that developers do not recommend the use of Gmail Offline on public computers; otherwise the security of their data is not guaranteed.

Gmail offline: Working interface

The working interface of the application is represented by two blocks. The left part lists all currently available messages. By default, all letters are displayed, but you can sort them by category by clicking on the icon in the form of three horizontal lines.

In the lower part of the left block there is a button; by clicking where you can log in to another Google account or close the system session completely. If you need to write a letter, click on the red button with the image of a pencil, in the open window enter the address, the subject and the text of the message.

By the way, the body of the letter can be edited, insert links in it, attach files, format text. By creating such a letter, you can send it or save it.

If at the time of sending the messages, the Internet connection is not available, the message will be saved in the Outbox folder and then it will be automatically sent to the recipient when it is connected to the network.

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