10 tips for using Google Photos

Google Photo: We have already lost the photos that were stored in the smartphone? I imagine how boring it must have been. I’m going to give murderous advice now. Download Google Photos on your smartphone. The application is free, that same 0800, you only need to have a Google email account, Gmail. Here we show how you can create a Gmail.

using google photos
using google photos

If Google Photos is something unknown in your mind, the briefest explanation about it is that you will not lose your photos again. Beautiful, is not it? And how does this work? Google Photos will send the images to the cloud. Do you know that history of cloud computing? It is this. The Photos will send the images to a server, protected by various forms, and will keep them, free of charge.

The Gmail accounts have an average of 15 to 20 Gb of storage, taking into account that if you save the photos in high quality, they occupy around 1 to 3 Mb, therefore, let’s calculate together. 20,000 / 3 = The result is a periodic rate of 6,666. Or, let’s say, you will have a storage capacity of 6500 photos.

Will I spend my mobile data? Only if it is of your choice. The application allows you to decide if you want to make a backup of the photos only by Wi-Fi or also through mobile data. Want another legal feature? If for any reason you change your smartphone, simply log in to the application, which downloads all the photos for the new device.

Using google photos

In addition to all this, you can through the link: https://photos.google.com/ see your account, with all the images. All the processes that the application does, are also available on the web.
Well, now that you are aware of how Google Photos works, I will bring 10 tips to enjoy the resources of the application.

1 – Slide ShowBoth on the computer and in the application of the cell phone, tablet, Chromecast or on Android TV, you can make a slide presentation. To find the button, open an image.

2 – SearchI knew that you can look for a face in your photos. It will identify and show all the images that the face appears.

I have come across this fantastic suggestion. In addition to faces, places, is another form of search. Google automatically marks where the photos were taken. So you can make albums of the trips you make.

3 – GestureThe use of gestures such as the clamp, where two fingers are used to enlarge or reduce things. With the photo open, you can zoom. When zooming out, by shrinking your fingers, it is possible to return to the list. In the list, when expanding, it will be adjusted to the grid to improve the display of the thumbnails.

4 – Save other folders in Google PhotosAll images that applications generated on your smartphone, such as whatsapp, telegram or any app. You just have to follow the steps below, which can make Google Photos back up these images.

5 – Hide locationIf you are concerned about your privacy, there is no option to remove the location of the photos. Follow the steps below.

6 – Multiple selection of imagesTo streamline the process of moving for albums, deleting or any multiple action, simply leave your finger on top of one of the images on the grid. Then, the multiple image selection option will appear

7 – Save images in high qualityBy default, Google Photos will send the images in “high quality”. However, you can save the original images, those that the camera itself makes. Having the best quality source. For this, go to “configuration”, then choose the Backup and synchronization menu. This option has an option called Shipping Size. Press it, then, it opens the option to make the original file.

8 – Google Photos in Google DriveGoogle Drive is Google’s Cloud Computing. In it, you can connect the Google Photos. In addition to saving the images, there is the possibility of using the space to store other types of files. Go in the configuration

9 – Edit images in Google PhotosAs in Instagram, photo editing can be through filters or free choice. Just click on an image, then press the edit button. Now, choose your filter, or click on the button to do the manual action.

10 – Shared albumsYour albums in Google photos can be collaborative. Just create a shared album. According to its configuration, the people that have the LINK that the album will generate, can put images and / or comment on the photos.

And there, he liked the suggestions? Install the app through this link (Google Play, Apple Store) if you have not already done so, and do not miss any pictures of yourself or your family because you do not know how to save automatically. Oh, share

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