How to Create a new Gmail account

Create a new Gmail account. At any time we can use an email account; especially if this is from Gmail, which offers many advantages compared to the competition. You can create a new Gmail account easily, just follow the steps that we provide below.

Sign in Gmail helps you to access all Google services, that is, wherever a Google account is required; your Gmail email fulfills that function. Simply carry out a registration to start enjoying all the benefits it offers.

Create a new Gmail account
Create a new Gmail account

Learn how to create a new Gmail account

To start, you have to go to, this is the main Gmail email site, and here you will see a box where you request the entry of your email, that is, if you already have an account , but we are going to click on “More options”. A small menu will scroll, and you have to select where it says “Create account”.

This will take us to a form that we must fill out to create a new Gmail account, the data are the following:

  • In the first pictures add your names and surnames
  • Then choose the username you want to use, it’s the part that goes before @
  • Choose a personal password, this must be very safe, and must be repeated in the next field.
  • Add your date of birth

    Sign up Gmail account
    Sign up Gmail account
  • Select your gender
  • You must enter your mobile phone number; this is an indispensable action if in the future you want to recover the account.

    Gmail account, how to create
    Gmail account, how to create
  • If you have an alternative email address, you can also add it
  • Choose your location.

We are already finishing creating a new Gmail account, we just need to click on “next step”; then you would have to fine-tune a few more details to get your account.

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Gmail sign up account

Create Gmail Account

Create Gmail Account : To set up your new account, Google needs some information about you: first, your first and last name. The option “choose your username” is the exclusive e-mail address you wish to use; which will be placed before “@”.

Because it has to be unique, Google may need to check the availability of any name you choose; to make sure nobody has it. Enter an email name in the “choose your username” box; and complete the rest of the information.

If the requested e-mail name is not available, you will receive a message saying that someone already has that username and offers some alternatives. You can choose to accept one of the alternatives or write another name and check the availability of rooms once more. You will have to complete some of the other information again. You have to do this a couple of times. After finalizing your e-mail address, it is a good idea to write it down so that you can consult it until you remember it.

At the time of Create Gmail account ; You will have to create a password to be able to log in securely to your account. Google can explain that you should try one with at least 8 characters to be safe. Use letters and numbers to make the password more secure and difficult to guess. You can add an existing email address to keep your new email secure too. It may be worthwhile to use a password manager and use this program to create a password for you.

Verifying your Gmail account

To reach the next stages, you must accept the terms and conditions of privacy and the terms and conditions of Google. After reading, click I accept.

Google will ask you to review your account through text or a voice call, select the desired option and click Continue.

If you chose the text message option, a new window will appear in which you will have to enter the code that Google sent to your cell phone number. Select Continue and you will have created your first Google Gmail account!

The Google messaging panel

You will be automatically redirected to the Gmail panel and, once you have read all the information; Your Gmail will be ready to be used. On the left side, you will be able to see your inbox, sent e-mail box and trash can, you will also be able to compose emails from this list.

Creating a profile image

Now you will have to set up your account. You can go directly to your inbox and start; or you can set up a photo to show as your profile picture. To configure the profile photo, click on the profile icon in the upper right corner of the page and click Change.

Then, you can send a photo saved on the computer. When you are satisfied with the selected photo, select Set as profile photo. You can change this at any time, returning to the configuration of your profile image.

Concluding your configuration

You can complete your Google email configuration by clicking on the resources available in the panel. Now that you have completely configured your account; it is good to be careful with your safety, the activation of the security verification in two steps. Go to the Gmail security settings and activate this option. Thus, you will be much less likely to have your account stolen.

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How to Create a new Gmail account
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