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Sign in Facebook account, you have to take a few steps, and if you do not know how to perform this task, I encourage you to read this tutorial on how to sign in Facebook.

Facebook is a very famous social network, already has billions of subscribers, which makes it the largest social network in the world, which leads to a very large category.

To sign in a Facebook session, perform this tutorial:

Sign in Facebook another account
Sign in Facebook another account

How do sign in Facebook?

  1. To start doing this tutorial, you must enter the official Facebook site, which you can open in any browser, and the link is

    Create Facebook new account
    Create Facebook new account
  2. A couple of boxes will appear in the upper part and to the right, in the first one you should put your email that you used to create Facebook, or the cell phone number.
  3. Followed by this, you must put the password, and this must be quite safe, what you have to do is use a password that has uppercase letters and numbers, also lowercase letters, you can add symbols, which reinforces security.
  4. After this you must press the button that says Enter, you will be in your Facebook account in a few seconds.

If you forgot how to sign in Facebook

There are many things that make us forget how to sign in Facebook, so we tell you the most common thing that happens.

  • To sign in to Facebook, you have to have a password, but many times it is forgotten, and this can cause you not to be able to enter, but you can easily enter the part that says, you have forgotten the account data, either password or email electronic or phone number, for that presses this button and will take you to a section where you can send an email or a text message to your mobile device.

Principal Tutorial: Create Facebook account

Sign in Facebook
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