How to change the name of a page on Facebook

How to change the name of a page on Facebook: Changing the name of a page on Facebook is as simple as changing your own name. However, if you are having difficulties there are reasons for the social network to block the process of “putting limits” on the page or in the profile of the administrator.

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First of all, you need to be the administrator of the page to be able to request the modification and substitution by a name of up to 75 characters , avoiding creating long sentences.

How to change the name of a page on Facebook
How to change the name of a page on Facebook

How to change the name of a page on Facebook

  1. Access your Facebook page;
  2. Click on About , on the left side;
  3. Click Edit next to the name of the page;
  4. Enter the new name of the page and click “Continue”;
  5. Review the application and click on “Modification Request” .

Tips for the names of the Facebook Pages


  • Use a name that represents faithfully since the page is treated.
  • Use a name that is the same as your company, brand or organization.

Can not

  • Misleading people on behalf of a person, company or organization.
  • Include any variation of the word “Facebook” or include the word “official”.
  • The use of terms or phrases that may be abusive, or that violate someone’s rights.

You are not seeing the option to edit the name of the page?

Some of the reasons lead Facebook to prevent an administrator from changing the name of the page that he has created or manages in the social network. Can request a review if you think it’s unfair.

  • do not have an administrative function on the page;
  • You or another administrator has recently changed the name of the page;
  • This option is not yet available in the place where you are;
  • There may be performance limits imposed by Facebook on your page;
  • You can not change the name of a regional page if it is subject to the global one.

The social network informs that it puts limits in the pages of fans to those who do not follow its policies of use (publishing spam and / or receiving tanned by deceptive means).

In these cases, the pages can be removed from the air or the button “Like” disabled, for example. The limits can be temporary or permanent.

The details are posted at the top of the page. “Reply” button, just below the description of the problem, allows you to open a claim to the website for a new analysis .

Facebook does not accept the name I chose

The first rule is that fan page names, brands or public figures must accurately reflect the content and can not include the following elements:

  • Terms or phrases that may be offensive or that violate someone’s rights;
  • Incorrect use of uppercase and lowercase (for example, The best coffee);
  • Symbols (for example, ®) or unnecessary punctuation;
  • Long descriptions and slogans (The Best Coffee – We serve the best coffee in the city);
  • Any variation of the word “Facebook”;
  • Deceptive words (for example, “official”, without being official);

The names of the Facebook pages can not only contain these elements:

  • Generic words (for example, Pizza);
  • Generic premises (for example, New York)
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