How to change display name on Facebook

How to change display name on Facebook: If you want to change display name on Facebook , you have to be aware of the rules of the social network about which you can write in your profile or not. Facebook makes it very clear what you can or can not establish as a name, and you can suspend or even delete your account if you abuse this function.

It is worth remembering that the table process is only for personal Facebook profiles; If you have a page, the process is different, as well as the guidelines. Do not try to put the name of the page on your profile, or vice versa, if not Facebook can punish your account.

How to change display name on Facebook
How to change display name on Facebook

How to change display name on Facebook PC

It is not difficult to how to change display name on Facebook, see:

  1. On the computer, click the button with the small arrow down in the upper right corner and then in Settings ;
  2. In Name , click Edit ;
  3. On the phone, open the Facebook application and enter Settings and privacy> Personal data> Name ;
  4. Place the first Name , the second name (optional) and the Last Name ;
  5. Click Check Change to save your name;
  6. Ready! The name was saved.

Attention: you can only change the name every 60 days , but not very frequently. You can also click on Other names to add a surname, registration name, single name, spelling, among others.

What are the Facebook criteria for profile names?

Before starting, it is worth remembering that the creation of a fake profile is not allowed and goes against Facebook rules. See how to report a false profile on Facebook. Take a look at the criteria of the social network for an acceptable name :

  • It must be the name by which it is known on a day-to-day basis;
  • Surnames such as first name or middle name are acceptable; as long as they are a variation of your real name. For example, Edu for Eduardo;
  • The name can not have alternate symbols, numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters (something like that), a lot of letter repetition or punctuation;
  • You can not combine letters from several different languages;
  • You must not have a professional or religious title, such as “father” or “Doctor”;
  • There can not be words or phrases that are not of his name;
  • Must not have offensive or suggestive words

If you are transgender, transsexual , in the process of transition or simply have a social name , you can put it on Facebook. If the social network requires a document to confirm your name, you do not have to send your DNI, passport or permission to change your name: they also accept simpler documents, such as a subscription to the magazine, the card invoice , among others.

Can not change the name on Facebook?

If you can not change display name on Facebook, you may not agree with the criteria mentioned above. It is also possible that the social network has requested to confirm the name or that it does not correspond to the document sent. It is worth the reminder: it is only possible to change every 60 days.

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