How to register and login Badoo without a phone number?

Login Badoo: When one adapts and connects to the Badoo dating site, we have requested a phone number to verify our profile. But everyone does not necessarily want to leave their number on the internet.

Therefore, we will try to see if it is possible to create an account and use without having to fill in this field in your profile, and of course, if it is feasible, we will see how it is done.

Why does Badoo ask for our phone number?

Before seeing if it is possible not to put, and how, it is important to clarify why Badoo is asking us to do it. In fact, the dating site Badoo uses your phone number to verify the profiles.

This also allows detecting possible bots and/or limiting cheats and scammers who do not have telephones.

How to register and login Badoo without a phone number
How to register and login Badoo without a phone number

This is a security system, among many others, to put them in their place. Badoo makes sure that the members that register are real profiles, not imitations, etc. …

When you enter your profile by adding your phone number; it is displayed on your profile: Verified Profile by Phone Number.

Is it possible not to add it to your laptop, and not associate it with your account?

In fact, we can very well register and login Badoo without giving your number , there is no problem.

During the registration process and / or the connection, the field telephone is not mandatory and therefore is not mandatory.

He said that the number is requested, as stated above, for the verification stage of his profile. This verification can be done by several points, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, your phone number, etc.

You can clearly check your Badoo account only with social networks, for example

However, if you do not verify your account, you will be much less likely to meet people. because their profile is not verified and, therefore, the members of doubts.

 How do I not add the registration number and the connection?

Please register normally in Badoo, and login Badoo, in the same way.

During the stage of profile verification, skip the phone number, and prefer to verify your account through any of the social networks are said above.

This is only valid for new course enrollments. If you have already added your phone number in Badoo, it is different. If you want to delete your Badoo number, we suggest you delete your account and unsubscribe; then create a new account, therefore, without putting your phone number

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