How to Create a new Badoo account

Create a new Badoo account. Badoo is one of those social networks that we all want to use on occasion, creating a new Badoo account gives us access to communicate with a large number of people who also use the network, they upload their photos and are in search of staying with Someone to leave. It is not specifically a dating network, but more of friendships, but it is usually used for the purpose mentioned initially.

Create new Badoo account
Create new Badoo account

If you want to join all the people who use it, and start Badoo session, then you must follow the steps that we are going to mention below:

Learn how to create a new Badoo account

There are several connection options with Badoo, these allow you to create a new Badoo account based on another account that you have in any of the services that are admitted; to start you must go to the main site of Badoo, this is:

Sign up Badoo account
Sign up Badoo account

Once inside, you will find the two most popular ways to create your new account, they are the following:

  • Through Facebook
  • Making connection with other services

Create Badoo through Facebook

The first thing you will see when entering the main site of Badoo, is a large blue button that says “Sign in with Facebook”. If you click on it, and then enter your Facebook account, you can enter Badoo and create a new account.

Badoo new account
Badoo new account

Below “Other connection options” appears, there you can enter with other popular services.

Answer the questions Badoo

On the right side appears “Answer the questions”, choose if you are male or female; Now what you want to do within the Badoo network, and finally fill out the short form:

  • Enter your name
  • Your date of birth
  • The place where you reside or where you are located
  • An email or mobile phone number

So you finish creating a new Badoo account.

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Badoo sign up account

How to Create a new Badoo account
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