How to Create a new AOL account

Create a new AOL account. On occasion, you must have already heard about AOL (America online), which in the United States is a pioneer of communications, and today we want to explain how to create new AOL account, this is their email service, which It is very interesting

Create a new AOL account
Create a new AOL account

Learn how to create a new AOL account

To begin, it is necessary to access the main AOL mail site, this means go to the following page:, this is a Spanish version of the AOL site, which is usually in English .
On the right side of the site, there is the option to log in to AOL, this is for when we already have an account, however, in this case we want to create a user, so click on “Get a Free Username”.

Sign up AOL account
Sign up AOL account

Now you must fill out a form that will appear, certain phrases are in English, then we explain how to fill it out to create new AOL account:

  1. In the first fields that mention “First Name” and “Last Name”, you must put your name and surnames
  2. In “Username”, the part you want in your mail before @

    AOL mail new account
    AOL mail new account
  3. In the “Create and Confirm a Password” field, you must choose a personal password.
  4. In “Date of Birth” add the date of your birth
  5. In “Gender”, select your gender
  6. In the field that says “Zip Code”, enter your zip code
  7. In “Set a Security Question” you can place a security question to protect your account.
  8. Then add your mobile, so we continue to create new AOL account.
  9. If you wish, add an alternative email address
  10. Add the characters you see in the image, this is a verification option.

Then with your new account, you can now log in to AOL, and you will enjoy this good email service to the fullest.

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AOL sign up account

How to Create a new AOL account
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