How to Create New Account

Create new account. In more than one time, you will need to create new account, either create new email account, or create new social network account.

In our day, we have the need to communicate with other people, be it for work or study and of course for family aspects.

Create new account and Social Network
Create new account and Social Network

You will always need to create email account, because, if you need a social network, be it Facebook, Yahoo, Badoo, you will have to have an email from Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook or Yahoo.

How to Create Hotmail account and log in

Hotmail is undoubtedly an email that has had a lot of experience around the world, Microsoft has completely improved this free email, resulting in an extremely compact service and many tools for daily life, both at work and at home .

But if you want help to logging in Hotmail, do not worry anymore, here we will give you all the details

In recent years, it became Outlook, which there are many improvements that are being noticed.

Hotmail Create new account
Hotmail Create new account
    • To create Hotmail account, you have to start with entering the official site which is, here you have to click on the upper right section, you will find a link that says, create account.
    • A form will appear, you must fill everything you ask in it, so do not let anything happen, and everything must be real.
  • And at the end you must verify your account by means of a cell phone number, or by means of an alternative email.

If you want to know more about how to create Hotmail account, or you need a Hotmail tutorial and you also want to know exactly how to logging in Hotmail, all these posts will help you to be updated of the new ways to create Hotmail account.

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How to Create Gmail account and log in

Since Gmail came out in 2004, it has been evolving and today Gmail is a very versatile and innovative email.
It has very sophisticated tools, and to use them you have to create Gmail account, and then log in Gmail session.

Hotmail Create new account
Hotmail Create new account
  • To begin, you must enter, which is the official Gmail site
  • Then you must fill out a form that you must fill out with all the true information.
  • Add your phone number and you can check your new Gmail account.
  • To log in to Gmail, you just have to enter your Gmail email and the password you have created.

And if you want to know more about how to create Gmail account, I encourage you to see these links

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How to Create Yahoo Mail and log in

Yahoo Mail is a very used email, it is the third most used, but it can be said that the features make it very striking for many people, there are certain tools that you need to have a Yahoo account, so you will know in this post, how create Yahoo Mail.

  • Use any browser you wish and enter, here you will have to look in the part on the right, a mail envelope, here when you press, you will enter a session where you will find a small form.
  • Here, look in the lower part for a phrase that says, sign up

    Yahoo Create new account
    Yahoo Create new account
  • Inside you can add all your personal information in a form that will ask for certain answers, and all are data that you must put and that are real
  • After this you should only verify your account and then continue to the next step.
  • To Log in Yahoo Mail, just put the email you created on, and then put the password, you have to be a password, completely difficult to decipher, so you do not lose your Yahoo account.
  • Click on the login button and you will be in the inbox of your Yahoo email.

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How to Create Facebook account and Log in

Today with the emails that we have previously shown you, we can create Facebook account, which will help us to have our contacts always in communication, through the most used social network in the world, is Facebook.

When you log in Facebook you will have all the opportunities that Facebook offers you, the tools and above all the possibility of having your friends and family close to you.

Facebook Create new account
Facebook Create new account

To start create Facebook account you have to do the following.

  • Go to the official site which is
  • You will see at the top, a section to log in, but you will fill out a form that is in the middle right.
  • Put your email, and use a password, you must also add a name to your account.
  • Then press the button to create your account, with this you will have created your social network.
  • To log in, just use the email or phone number you added, then the password, and there you can log in to Facebook.

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How to Create Badoo Account and log in

Badoo is a social network where the fundamental basis is to meet people, both to chat and to have a relationship, there are different modalities that you can use for this social network.

So, when you have create Badoo account, you have to log in to Badoo to enjoy a lot of entertainment with other people that you can link or otherwise share experiences.

Badoo Create new account
Badoo Create new account
  • Go to
  • Upon entering this site, you will see several options to create new Badoo account
  • The one we are going to use is adding an email and a password.
  • After this you must press the register button
  • To log in Badoo, just add the email you want and then the password.

Other options to log in to Badoo, is using your Facebook account, the advantage is that you can automatically enter Badoo, without the need to add any other data.

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How to Create New Account
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